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The Primal Pack is made up of three of the most effective and complete testosterone supplements ever created. Designed to work in conjunction with each other; Primal-T and Conquest HD and Night-T will naturally boost your testosterone levels to help you build more lean muscle, increase your libido, sexual performance, drive & desire, improve your energy, and increase your metabolism.

  • Naturally Elevate Testosterone
  • Improve Training Performance
  • Increase Muscle Pump in the Gym
  • Speed Up Recovery Time

This stack contains (see product ingredients at bottom of page):

  • Primal-T – Maximize Protein Synthesis, Increase Growth Hormone Release, and Boost Performance. It’s no secret that an increase in testosterone and GH release leads to muscle gains. Testosterone is responsible for dozens of processes in the male body, most of which affect your training and muscle growth. Growth hormone is the body’s master hormone for maintaining strength and lean muscle tissue. By taking control of both of these, not only will your strength and training intensity go up, you’ll recover quicker from training and you’ll also be able to take advantage of one of the biggest, and most unsung, benefits of high testosterone levels – increased protein synthesis. Your body will become increasingly efficient at breaking down protein and rebuilding it as muscle, leading to huge muscle gains. Price: $59.99. Receive 15% off Primal-T, Conquest HD & Night-T when you purchase them together in the Primal Pack!
  • Conquest HD – Intense Nootropic Testosterone Modulator. Increased stress from training, age and the pressures of life can cause your testosterone levels to drop drastically and negatively impact your lifestyle. Strength, size, energy, and confidence all take a dramatic hit when your testosterone levels go down. Keeping testosterone levels elevated and in a healthy range becomes an increasingly important challenge as you age. Price: $54.99. Receive 15% off Conquest HD, Primal-T & Night-T when you purchase them together in the Primal Pack!
  • Night-T – Nighttime Recovery Formula. Many people overlook the importance of sleep. Deep sleep helps with stress, recovery, and hormone production.Stress from work, training and life make it hard to unwind and get good sleep.  Technology, 24-hour entertainment, and mobile devices don’t help either. Night-T™ has a synergistic blend of herbs and neurotransmitters to promote sleep quality. It’s formula helps your body get deeper R.E.M. sleep for lower stress and better recovery. Night-T is designed to increase testosterone production. The ingredients are shown to increase growth hormone levels up to 157%. It also blocks somatostatin which is a hormone that decreases growth hormone. Price: $49.99. Receive 15% Night-T, Primal-T & Conquest HD when you purchase them together in the Primal Pack!

For the month of October, purchase The Primal Pack and receive 15% off!

  • Primal Pack Regular Price: $ 164.97(tax not included)
  • Primal Pack Sales Price with 15% Off:  $140.23. Savings of $24.74

Local residents, click here to order online or purchase directly at Actualize.

Non-local residents, please call 509-888-3469 to order because price differs for shipping and handling.

Get The Primal Pack today and put the most effective and complete testosterone supplements ever created to work for you!


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