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What’s included?

  • Client Introduction to Actualize Fitness Meeting & Tour
  • Fitness, Health & Nutrition Assessment
  • 2-Week Trial Nutrition Package: 2-week membership to Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach. This world renowned online curriculum, complete with daily lessons, practices/habits, check-ins, and more, guides clients through dramatic–yet sustainable–
    changes in nutrition habits to actualize their purpose and potential. Click below to learn more about the nutrition coaching curriculum:

  • 2 Weeks Unlimited Group Training:
    • Foundation: 1-day pre-requisite for new Actualize Fitness members to learn how to self-assess and correct movement pattern efficiency, body awareness, technique and much more
    • SPB Transformation: transform strength, performance & body composition with functional resistance training in a cardiovascular environment
    • Metabolic: high intensity interval training increases fitness, workload capacity and transforms body composition through a combination of functional bodyweight movements and high intensity energy system work
  • (1) Inbody270 Body Composition Analysis (for ages 14+)
  • Access to Actualize University, an online resource with helpful tools and
    resources to help you actualize more of your purpose and potential in fitness, health, nutrition and life.
  • And much more!

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