“Without a doubt our pre-season conditioning with Actualize Sports & Fitness has been instrumental in the growth of our high school lacrosse program. It is apparent on day 1 of Spring practice who participated in this program. Being conditioned physically and mentally at the start of our season jumps us right into the important strategy components of our lacrosse season. Players start ready and maintain a high level of fitness throughout the season. Take advantage of this opportunity!”

Brandon Parker – Head Coach, Wenatchee High School Lacrosse Team

Announcements & Updates

Athletes & parents, this page is your hub for the 2020-2021 Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse Off-Season Strength & Conditioning program. You will receive periodic updates by email to visit this page to stay on top of all details.

  • Update on Temporary Shutdown Until December 14
  • Online Resources While We Are Closed
  • Register for our new No Gym, No Equipment, No Problem! 4-Week Online Bodyweight Training For Athletes program! The Actualize Team created this program for the Lacrosse group in mind, and we think it’s so good we’re going to offer it to other athletes tool. Click here to register and learn all the details. VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS PROGRAM! Use the following discount code to receive 100% off: NOPROB. Once Actualize is closer to re-opening, we will reach out with details about resuming training and what additional training sessions will be added to ensure you get full value out of your original enrollment into the Lacrosse off-season training program.
    • Here’s what you get:
      • (3) Online Video Training Sessions Per Week. You will conduct functional bodyweight resistance and SARQ+Power (speed, agility, reaction, quickness+power) training to add athletic muscle and strength, and transform performance and conditioning–all with the emphasis of reducing the likelihood of injury.
      • Additional Training & Energy System Homework
      • Nutrition Tools
      • Goal Setting & Motivational Resources
      • Support from Actualize Team
      • And much more!

Let’s not shrink back from our goals due to this lockdown but rather turn this into an opportunity to continue intentionally and wisely pursuing the actualization of our purposes and potential in health, fitness, athletics and life!

  • ON HOLD Training Schedule (11/9-2/20)
    • Mondays & Wednesdays: 7:00pm-9:00pm
    • Saturdays: 12:00pm-1:30pm
      • Notes:
        • We have decided to put all participating athletes into one group
        • For the first week, please arrive 10 minutes early to each session as we will use this time to conduct baseline body composition testing.
        • No Training: 11/25-28, 12/23-26, 12/31, 1/1
        • Bring athletic training apparel, cross-training shoes and water. Water, pre/intra/post training supplements and nutrition are also available at Actualize and can be charged to the card on file with parent permission.
        • Phase 2 COVID requirements
        • Click here to learn about your coaches: Blaine Davidson & Cy Grimmett
  • 11/2/20: The first two weeks (11/9-11/21) of training will be a General Preparation Phase (GPP) and will also be used to conduct baseline testing. You will then transition into Performance Enhancement Training (PET) on 11/23. GPP will create general preparation in areas like foundational body awareness, motor skill development, movement pattern efficiency, teach and develop technique, coachability and trainability. PET will focus on the entire maximal strength to maximal speed continuum–utilizing resistance and SARQ (speed, agility, reaction, quickness) methodologies–and also aim to put on lean, functional/athletic muscle. As we get nearer to the season, we will transition increasingly to speed and power, and energy system conditioning. We are excited to see the quantifiable progress in the months ahead!
  • Homework: starting 11/23, you are encouraged to conduct homework to optimize your gains in body composition, strength, conditioning, performance and recovery. Click here to access your homework. Simply conduct the 3 days of homework on 4 days you are not at Actualize (Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays). If your school or home gym does not allow, you are also welcome at Actualize during certain hours. Please talk with Coach Blaine about when you can utilize Actualize.
  • Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page: Click here to visit your very own Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page. Your page serves as bio and periodic progress reporting tool. Type your name and click Enter/Return to search. Click on the Full Stats Table near the middle of the page to see all your testing.
    • Your first round of baseline testing will be added in the coming weeks.
    • Don’t see your page? If you are new, your page will be created in the coming weeks.
    • Did you know you can add scholar athlete awards, recognition and service to your page? Click here to see an example. Fill out and turn in this document so we can brag about you on your page!
    • What do the nutrition numbers mean? In the coming weeks, in the place of a training session, we will conduct a nutrition meeting that will educate and equip you with time-tested principles for athlete nutrition. You will learn a starting place for your individual nutritional requirements (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats) based on your goals, age, body composition and type, and energy expenditure (high performance endurance athlete) to name a few. These numbers will be added to your Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page. See the Nutrition section below for more information.
    • You will notice a section on your page for Strengths. Our smaller groups at Actualize conduct the Gallup Strengths Finder test to learn their top strengths so our staff can bester communicate, encourage and equip. We are not requiring Lacrosse athletes to take this test this year. However, if you are interested in learning your strengths, click here to take the assessment (Top 5 Strengths). We are happy to place your strengths on your Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page, and even happier to learn you top 5 strengths so we coach you better.
    • See something wrong on your page? Email Coach Blaine directly at [email protected].

Nutrition Resources & Tools

Because you are not expected to eat the same meals everyday on the meal plans above, use this 50 Recommended Recipes resource to add variety and as a shopping list.

Additional Nutrition Tools & Resources

Parents, because you’re part of the puzzle here too, we have added some additional resources that may be encouraging to your health, nutrition and fitness journey:

Parents, interested in Actualize?

Take a look at the following options for first timers at Actualize: