The Actualize Sports Summer Training Quarter Starts June 1!

Click the links below to view the proposals and learn all the details for the Actualize Summer training quarter:

Important Notes

  • If you plan on participating Summer quarter, please reply back to this email ASAP so we can get a good gauge on participation. This is especially important if you have not worked with Actualize before as you will be called in the coming days to discern if we are a good fit.
  • Please print your proposal and cross off any days you know you will not be able to attend training. We will reconfigure the final price based off the dates committed on the proposal.
  • Please fill out, sign and bring the proposal in to the first day of training for Coach Jenny to have on hand.
  • Any credit you have remaining from previous training will be applied.

Thanks for your support and friendship. It’s an honor to do health, fitness and life with you!

Coach Blaine & Jenny