All Actualize Sports & Fitness services are cancelled for two weeks—starting Tuesday, March 16th to Tuesday, March 31—due to Governor Insley’s temporary shutdown of restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.


We are hopeful this temporary shutdown ends sooner and certainly no later than two weeks, but we are prepared for the adversity.

We will continue to update our members by Facebook, Instagram and email.

One thing you can count on right up front is we will be freezing all membership dues so that you do not pay during any of this downtime. Also, all upfront payments made for training and coaching services will be 100% honored when operation resumes.

As a small business that depends on cashflow to survive, choosing to freeze membership dues scares us tremendously, but it is the right thing to do. If we are closed for 2 weeks or longer, your account will be frozen and you do not need to contact us to cancel your membership. Please have patience with us as we manage all this.
Reach out to us with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

On a personal note, Jenny and I believe we were made to do what we do at Actualize. I was prompted this morning to re-read our Mission & Core Values ( It brought me to tears. Not over the trials ahead or worst-case scenarios that tempt my mind, but in thanksgiving for what we get to do with people we love. Thank you for the honor of sharing what’s on our heart. Thank you for the honor of earning your trust and business. Thank you above all for your friendship. You are our Actualize family!

Please join us in prayer for our community and competitors, Washington State and the world.

Blaine Davidson


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