Whether Paleo or vegan, fasting or “feed-often”, Mediterranean or New
Nordic, almost all “healthy” diets agree on this ONE THING:

You should eat your greens.

(And, of course, we couldn’t agree more.)

Problem is, many of our clients “just don’t like vegetables”.

Maybe you feel the same way? If so, there’s GREAT news…

Despite past experiences, and even taste preferences, almost anyone can
learn to LOVE their 5-a-day veggies with this easy 3-step formula.

We published an article on this last month and *tons* of people asked
when they could download the infographic. Today’s the day!]

Trust me, this handy little formula has converted even the most hardcore

Created by two of our top food magicians, it shows you how to:

* Pick a new veggie to try (maybe one that you’ve avoided before),

* “Complement” it with spicy, sour, or salty to make it more palatable,

* “Cushion” the bitterness with sweet and fatty flavors.

The result: Delicious dishes made from incredibly healthy sources.

To help you reach your health and fitness goals, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone today and at least try one of these plant foods…

…prepared in one of these super-simple ways.

I assure you — your taste buds will thank you. 🙂

Download today’s free veggie-prep infographic for your printer or tablet.
Stick it to your fridge for quick reference.

And please share with your friends, colleagues, or clients… whether
they’re veggie-newbies or greens-loving veterans.



John Berardi, PhD, CSCS

3 steps for prepping (and loving) your veggies. [Infographic]

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