What do we want? To get in shape! When do we want it? Now!

Instant gratification is the name of the game in today’s world. Unfortunately, getting in shape is not an overnight possibility. A multi-billion dollar industry, the fitness world is full of people who are promising the world and offering solutions to problems that just, flat out, don’t work (or even make sense in some instances).

Here are five common fitness myths:

Myth 1: You can target areas on your body to improve. While it would seem likely that if you spend all of your energy lifting weights, doing tricep dips and pushups that your arms would be on point, it just doesn’t work that way. You can do all of those exercises and it may be that your body burns fat in your stomach area. The good new is that no matter what type of strength training exercise you do, it will burn fat throughout your body and help you feel better overall.

Myth 2: There are diet pills that can help you get in shape without any exercise. As much as I would love for this to be true, there just isn’t any magic pill that has been developed to date that can actually do this. The only sure-fire way to get in shape is through a balanced exercise and nutrition program.

Myth 3: The only way to lose fat is to cut out the carbs. Um, well, if you are talking about “bad” carbs such as chips, breads and processed foods, then ok…I will go with you there. But, the truth is, you need to eat “good” carbs in order to lose weight and gain muscle. Some examples would be steel cut oats, brown rice and whole grains.

Myth 4: The more time you spend in the gym, the better results you’ll have. This is in the grey area. The truth is, it depends on what you’re doing in there. If you’re doing a combination of strength training and HIIT (high intensity interval exercises), you can get much more done in a shorter amount of time and still manage to burn calories after you leave the gym.

Myth 5: The sweatier you are after a workout, the more calories you’ve burned. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Think about it…if the gym is hotter than normal, you’ll start sweating before you even move a muscle. Or, if it’s really humid outside, that can cause an abnormal sweat pattern. Someone who is new to exercising may sweat more than others as their body gets used to the movements.

Getting in shape is not an easy feat to accomplish, and the sheer volume of incorrect information out there makes it even more difficult! Speak with an Actualize fitness professional to ensure you’re doing the right exercises and eating the right foods to help you reach your goals.

Coach Blaine

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