We have been overwhelmingly blessed by the response of the Actualize family. People are asking us to unfreeze accounts, how they can help, and showering us with love and encouragement. Our heart is overflowing by the opportunity to do fitness and life with you!

We believe starting with a two-week freeze for our Actualize Fitness adult clients was the right and Godly thing to do. Placing memberships on hold has given us space to land from this storm and discern how to stay on top of communication and next steps re finances, how to implement interim online resources, and much more. Also, doing a membership wide freeze right away has enabled us to get ahead of what could have been a detrimental exodus.

For our Actualize Sports (competitive athletes) and 1-on-1 clients who have paid for coaching services upfront, we are committed and look forward to fulfilling every obligation!

We have some ideas that will encourage and equip all clients, and help us with cashflow. We will share what we’re working on after the current temporary shutdown on 3/31–which we believe will become a more lengthy shutdown.

Vulnerably speaking, Actualize has been more focussed on paying down debt than stashing away savings. When the temporary shutdown becomes more prolonged, we will need to adjust our model and hope you will want to be a part of what we’re planning.

In the meantime, you may or may not be aware that we have created an online page where you can access current Transformation programming, additional minimal equipment and bodyweight programming, nutrition and other resources. Click below to check out this ever-growing resource:


Hang with us a little longer while we formulate our strategy. Thank you for your concern, business and most of all your friendship…it means more than you know.

Blaine & Jenny


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