Actualize Myzoners!

Here is a message from Myzone about the Global MEPS challenge you have been automatically entered in!

Congratulations, Actualize Sports & Fitness has included you in the Myzone Global MEPS challenge, specifically designed to help you stay motivated and connected during these uncertain times.

Simply earn 1300 MEPs during April to be entered into the prize draw for your chance to win cash prizes. The first prize winner will collect USD $5,000 and the 10 runners up will collect USD $500!

Exercise is a fundamental component to our health and well-being, which is why staying active has been featured as a key recommendation in many Government COVID-19 strategies. The best form of medicine is exercise, so let’s stay active, and in doing so, stay healthy.

Maintaining exercise levels while staying connected through the Myzone App are practical ways we can contribute to our community and boost positivity.

Together we can conquer this one MEP at a time. #Keepmoving#Keepmepping

All Myzone users.

Earn 1300 MEPs between 1st and 30th April to be entered into the prize draw. The first prize winner will collect USD $5,000 and the 10 runners up will collect USD $500!

Anywhere, you just need to wear your belt and upload your data.

1st to 30th April 2020.

You will automatically be included.

This MEPS challenge is designed to be fun, engaging, and ultimately help you sustain your exercise routine, especially during this abnormal time when amenities are limited and motivation levels may slip.

‘Physical distancing’ may keep you away from the gym, but ‘Social connectedness’ will enable virtual connectivity with your club, trainers and your gym friends within the Myzone App.


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