Actualize Fitness Monthly Membership Clients,

Actualize Sports & Fitness has been open in Wenatchee since August 2016. During this time, we have experienced tremendous growth and the joy of working with clients to help them actualize their purposes and potential in athletics, fitness, health, nutrition and life. My staff and I are honored to serve you and we look forward to providing many more years of world-class service, innovation and encouragement.

Bottom line, Actualize is committed to providing the finest coaching and results in Wenatchee and the surrounding areas. Our mission reads:

Actualize Sports & Fitness is North Central Washington’s premier performance enhancement training, health and nutrition, and mental achievement coaching center. We exist to educate, encourage & empower Actualize Sports (youth competitive athletes, teams & coaches) and Actualize Fitness (adult fitness enthusiasts of all ages & abilities) to actualize their unique purpose and potential.

Click here to read our full mission statement and learn our core values.

A huge part of our mission involves making the following investments in Actualize:

  1. Hiring & Retaining World-Class Performance Enhancement Coaches. We strive to hire coaches with expert knowledge, experience and education, coupled with friendly personalities and redemptive coaching values that operate from a genuine concern for client success.
  2. Continuing Education. We continually make investments in the realms of training education, client recognition/loyalty (i.e. MYZONE, Fitness Combine), business consulting, and much more. These investments sharpen us and bring you the latest systems and techniques to improve your experience and results, while maximizing our profitability.
  3. New Equipment, Facility Improvements, Expansion & New Business Channels. As we continue to add unique programming and expand the number of clients served, we are making constant reinvestment in facility improvements and adding to and/or upgrading equipment. Also, our current location serves our community well, but we have sights on something larger that will allow even more class times, training variety and new services. The goal is a holistic training center that blends training, nutrition, health and life empowerment services. When I catch myself dreaming, I think about a blend of what we are currently doing and new channels like Physical & Manual Therapy, Massage & Fascial Stretch Specialists, even more individualized nutrition, a café, and much more. My goal is to either move to something larger with multiple training floors or upgrade our current facility to include these improvements so we may provide you an even better home and improved client experience.
  4. Giving Back. We believe we reap what we sow, so we sow big into our clients and community. Click here to learn more!

As you can imagine, all of these investments require a significant amount of time and working capital to fund. In order to pursue the Actualize mission while aligning with our core values we are:

  1. Increasing  the Actualize Fitness group training class size up to 20. We currently allow up to 14 members per class but are very confident with effective programming and floor management training quality will not diminish.
  2. Implementing a small rate increase to current Actualize Fitness monthly Essentials Memberships. As of April 1, 2018:
  • Actualize Fitness Essentials Monthly Membership: increase of $10 from $99 to $109 per month
  • Actualize Fitness Essentials Monthly Family Membership (2+ family members with monthly price dependent on number of household members): increase of  $10 total no matter how many family members on your membership
    • The services included in your Actualize Fitness membership will not change in any way.

Upon reviewing our current business, working on our vision and goals for the future, and putting “pen to paper” with our numbers, this small increase to the current membership is not enough for us to grow and provide the level of service and training facility in our vision. This is why, for new Actualize Fitness Essentials Membership clients, the price will increase to $119. In other words, you will save $10 per month!

For those who may have concerns with the price increase:

  • We’re always asking ourselves, “How can we do it better?” We want to hear your thoughts too. Give me a call on my personal phone number (509-293-2384), shoot me an email ([email protected]), or pull a staff member aside to share any suggestions or concerns.
  • Upgrade to Referral Program! Immediately launching are the following optimizations to our referral rewards program:
    • For every friend you refer to Actualize that signs up as a client you will receive $50 credit  on your account to use in anyway desired. This is a $40 increase from the old referral program!
    • Refer 12 friends over the next year and you’ll receive an entire year’s membership FREE!

Nothing is more important to me than continuing to grow and consistently work toward improving your results and client experience with Actualize. Thank you for being a part of the Actualize vision and community, and for trusting us to do fitness, health and life with you!

Coach Blaine

Actualize Your Purpose & Potential