Chantel Ham joined Actualize Fitness 2 months ago in hope of a fresh restart to her health and fitness journey! She jumped into our “Get Ready For Summer” promotion and accepted the challenge to lose 5% body fat in 8 weeks with our sustainable yet transformative approach to fitness and nutrition. She exceeded all her expectations and demolished her goals!

Chantel had not been able to spend time prioritizing herself over the past couple years between the busyness of family life, taking care of others and fighting off medication. She knew it was time to switch things up. She is a fiery, determined mom and wife, and has proven to herself that she is worth cheering on as well! (we all already knew it!)

Check out some of Chantel’s physical changes over 8 weeks:

  • Weight: 130.5lbs to 130.7lbs
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass: 47.8lbs to 52.7lbs
  • Body Fat Mass: 42.3lbs to 34.4lbs
  • Body Fat %: 32.4% to 26.3%
  • Inches lost: 5’’

AMAZING! Some of her goals were to add muscle, look and feel better and be able to maintain what she accomplished. She added 4.9lbs of muscle and shed 7.9lbs of fat with a total of 6.1% of  body fat lost in only 8 weeks. She did all this while staying a steady 130lbs. The scale does not tell the whole story does it?!

Chantel wanted to accomplish her goals without feeling like she was “dieting”–which is the only way we roll at Actualize. So she didn’t. Chantel focused on the quality and content of her food, giving her best at every workout and making encouragement part of her culture at home, which all led to these incredible results.

On behalf of everyone here at Actualize, we are so proud of you! You showed up and overcame every adversity thrown at you. You accomplished your goal with grace, determination and a whole lot of joy. We can’t wait to see where you go from here!

The Actualize Team

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