Actualize Fitness client, Jenice Ahlberg, started re-vamping her health, fitness and body with us in the beginning of March 2019, and the rest is history!

Jenice jumped in to her 3-Month Transformation Challenge with Actualize with both feet, a good head on her shoulders and motivation to go the distance. She took the “sustainable lifestyle” approach we preach at Actualize to heart, changing little things about her fitness and nutrition one step at a time. And this made all the difference!

Jenice shared, “I never felt like  I was on a diet” that she put herself on only to fall off later. She stayed mindful of maintaining balance and practiced things like eating to 80% full, making better choices more often, limiting “fun” foods, and trained a minimum of  3x per week. She trusted the process and stayed the course, never diving too deep or falling off track completely. And week by week, her body composition favorably transformed, strength and fitness started increasing, and confidence followed!

My motto for fat loss (that stays off!) goes along the lines of, “slow goes the turtle.” We aim each client to lose between 1-2 lbs of fat per week based on the client’s goals and what we discern is sustainable in relation to their definition of success. Jenice seemed to glide through this process, losing 1 lb, 3 lbs, 6 lbs, 10 lbs, 16 lbs, slowly, consistently and joyfully. I couldn’t be more proud!

Don’t get me wrong, she worked her ASS off. But she completed this challenge in such a way that the fat she lost is gone for good, she isn’t drained of passion to continue this lifestyle, and she is feeling more capable, strong and educated for the long term.

Jenice has just completed our 3 month challenge and signed up for 6 more months of intentionality. She has new goals, new stepping stones and a whole lot more experience under her belt. It has been so encouraging to walk with Jenice through each moment of the journey. It has been a joy, and I am so excited for what we will accomplish next.

Keep on keepin’ on, your Actualize family is rootin’ for you!

So much love,

Coach Jenny

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