Madelon Tucker first started working with Actualize in 2017 as middle schooler. She participated in group training with other female athletes with the goal of athletic performance enhancement. When Madelon hit high school her goals and training shifted to overall health and fitness.

In 2020, during the COVID lockdown, Madelon continued pursuing her purposes and potential in health and fitness (even though Actualize was closed), scholastics and life. Her mom Melanie shared:

“Gyms were closed, schools were closed. Madelon took it upon herself to implement a home workout program using skills from Actualize. Five days a week she would head out to our little home gym and workout for a good hour. She noticed it gave her clarity and confidence. It kept the “blues” away during these difficult times. She realized the importance of the daily workouts along with nutrition. During this past year when most people had “given up” and turned inward, Madelon found a way to keep herself fit both mentally and physically!”

“She also took on the challenge of a completely all online high school with no actual contact from any teachers. She sat for hours at a time to get multiple assignments done with determination…all the while making straight A’s!

“Madelon also has found a love for Japan and has began teaching herself Japanese and immersing herself into the culture. Her dream is to attend the University of Tokyo!
Never underestimate this quiet and powerful girl.”

“Madelon Rose Tucker, you are a gem! Your laugh is completely contagious and your dry wit leaves people in stitches. We are so proud of the woman you are becoming!
Never back down, don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary!”

Well said mom!

When Actualize re-opened, Madelon began 1-on-1 training with the Actualize coaching staff with a renewed energy, focus and confidence. In just four months since resuming training, Madelon has gotten freaky fit and strong, and added 5 pounds of lean muscle mass while dropping 6% body fat. She is also grasping the importance of nutrition as a vehicle that not only promotes physical transformation but fuels training, recovery and optimal health. Madelon is catching the revelation that health and fitness is best viewed and pursued as a lifestyle vs. the often pedaled “results now” training and dieting schemes that ultimately are unsustainable.

Madelon, on a personal note (from Coach Blaine), as the old saying goes, “You march to the beat of a different drum” in the most refreshing of ways—the way of creative world-changers who are uniquely their self as they explore the road less traveled and leave a wake of their impact along the way. You have grit. You are naturally quiet but it’s clear you are thoughtful, considerate, possessing a good heart and are kind. I chuckle to myself often how 10 seconds after you say something dry and witty I finally catch on. I love how you light up when talking about a book that excites you, Japan, or your most recent goal of running a half marathon. Madelon, you are an amazing mosaic of feminine beauty, strength, intellect and creativity!

Coach Jenny shared:

“Wow! How fun it has been watching Madelon grow up. Over the last four years since starting at Actualize with our Middle School group, she has truly blossomed and found herself. Madelon is a big personality and knows who she is. She is focused and chases only what matters to her, even if it looks different than what her peers or people in her life are doing. She has an attitude of “if there’s a will, there’s a way” that makes her not shy away from hard things. That’s what I admire the most about Madelon. She will put her head down and grind through a challenge and you might never know the true difficulty of it because she never complains, always works hard. That’s her strength and self-capability showing up. She can handle it. And on top of all of it, she’s really funny. I love getting the chance to dive into her world for a few moments when she walks through our doors. Go do big things, Madelon!”

Madelon, you’re kind of admired and loved! You inspire us. Thanks for the honor of doing health, fitness and life with you!!!

Coach Blaine & The Actualize Team

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