Actualize Fitness is excited to honor Tony & Kris Walton for their dedication to health, fitness, family and their never-ending supply of sass and sauciness. (Yes, we’re talking about you Tony—we especially love your high falsetto voice when rocking out to 80s rock!)

Tony & Kris started their fitness journey with Actualize almost 4 months ago in January 2018, though it’s as if they’ve been long-time members because of their enthusiasm and contribution toward other member’s successes. If there is a member in need of encouragement or a redemptive kick in the pants, the Walton’s are right there by their side. These two are a charismatic, joyous and sold-out-for-one-another-and-their-family combo and we are blessed by their friendship.
In their short time at Actualize, Tony’s and Kris’s progress has been transformative mentally, physically and spiritually. Some of their accomplishments from January-April are:
* Tony
Lean Muscle: + 3lbs
Body Fat: – 10lbs
Deadlift – 3-Rep Max: 275lbs to 325lbs
Chin Ups – Max Reps: 4 to 15
Fit Test: 3:40 to 3:05
* Kris
Lean Muscle: + 2lbs
Body Fat: – 5lbs
Deadlift – 3-Rep Max: 125lbs to 195lbs
Chin Ups – Max Reps: 0 to 4
WOW (in just a few months)…talk about a power couple!
But for the Waltons there is so much more than the push for physical and body compositional progress. Committing to a lifestyle change is much easier when you have a partner to walk with through it all. They motivate, challenge and empower each other daily. They lead their children with an example of pursuing excellence–and they do it all for the glory of God!
Tony & Kris, you are a gift to coach and do life with, we love you and your family!
The Actualize Team

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