We’re just 1 month away from the Actualize Fitness Transformation Challenge ending and the transformations are rolling in!

This week’s featured Transformation Challenge client is Brett Reasor. When Actualize opened its doors for the first time in September of 2016, Brett was the first client to give us a shot.

Brett’s primary goal was to get fit, healthy and active for his wife and daughters. His second goal was to get into better shape than he was in his prime. Brett harkened back to his collegiate football days at the University of Idaho when he was not only in great shape but in an all around healthier place.

Brett confessed having had some success in the past with training and nutrition. However, even after seasons of decent transformation, he’d eventually fall off the wagon due to over-training and non-sustainable nutrition.

That’s not how we roll at Actualize. Right up front, we discussed how if one puts their self on something (AKA a diet or unrealistic training regime) that is not in alignment with one’s unique purpose and potential; and if there isn’t a healthy value for exploring what lifestyle-oriented success looks like for the long term; with tools that work and relational accountability from people who care; eventually we have to fall off the thing we put ourselves on.

He got it! And since Brett has been an Actualize poster boy for what fruits can be accomplished by working hard and making healthier choices more often in the nutrition department.

Literally today, 10 months after starting at Actualize, Brett is the same body fat percentage as he was in college!

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