The lady on the left is Debbie Smith, today’s Actualize Fitness featured Transformation Challenge client. The other amazing woman is my mother-in-law, Penny Hawkins. The two have become encouraging training buddies and friends.

Debbie walked in our door in February 2017. She had recently experienced an ankle injury and was desiring to be intentional about getting active again, but she was a little timid and unsure whether Actualize was for her.

I reassured Debbie that we pride ourselves on meeting each client exactly where they are at by exploring the unique purposes and potential of the individual, and through relational accountability creating and implementing a plan of action to make goals a reality.

Debbie’s primary goals were to increase functionality, fitness and transform body composition. Also, having active friends and family, she wanted to ensure she wasn’t missing out on the joys of life and grandchildren.

Fast forward four months and Debbie is well on her way to achieving her goals. When she first started with Actualize…

  • She was unable to pass one of our initial assessments…a body weight squat. As we developed movement pattern efficiency and the strength to attain depth with correct form, Debbie is not only able to conduct multiple body weight squats, but she is pumping iron with resistance!
  • She weighed 253lbs. She now weighs 222!
  • She had a Body Fat Mass of 135lbs. Now it’s 113!
  • She was a little shy about training with a group of other adult fitness enthusiasts. She is now our biggest encourager. She’s always slapping high fives, sending notes to the Actualize community over Facebook and email, and she is constantly speaking life into our staff. We are so blessed to know and be encouraged by you Debbie!

Debbie has made more progress since this report. Watch her testimonial below!

Inspired by Debbie’s story? Here’s another. Last week we highlighted Actualize Fitness Transformation Challenge participant, Brett Reasor. You’ll have to read this one to believe it…check out Brett’s total transformation!

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