Ramiro Avilez, today’s Actualize Fitness featured Transformation Challenge client, always sports the biggest grin, and generously shares his positive and infectious attitude. Ramiro doesn’t know it, but when I refer to him with our members, I call him “Mr. Sunshine.” But don’t get me wrong, this guy is fierce…although his competitive nature and ability to push into those uncomfortable places doesn’t dim his countenance one bit. We all know those type of people who brighten and redemptively change the atmosphere when they enter the room, that’s Ramiro (AKA Mr. Sunshine)!
Ramiro joined Actualize in late April ’17 for the Actualize Fitness Transformation Challenge. His primary goals were:
  • Get below 20% body fat by the end of the challenge—with a stretch goal of 15%
  • Add lean skeletal muscle mass, strength & fitness
  • Increase energy
  • Run a marathon
In over two months, Ramiro has proven to be one of our most committed, hard-working and successful clients. When he first started at Actualize…
  • He weighed 215lbs. Today he weighed 196!
  • He carried 68lbs of Body Fat Mass. Today he’s at 44lb…24lbs of fat incinerated!
  • His Body Fat % was 31.7%. Today it is 22.5%. Ramiro, with three more weeks of the challenge to go, there is no question you’ll blast through your goal of 20% and make your way to your stretch goal of 15%!
  • His Skeletel Muscle Mass was 84.2lb. Today is was 87.3lb! This is a big deal when fat loss is a goal. Many fat loss training programs measure success by weight loss alone because muscle is lost due to restricted dieting and over-training. We don’t do that at Actualize! Ramiro has not been dieting or running himself into the ground with training. He’s simply making better choices more often with habits that will get him to his goals…and he’s managed to put muscle mass on while aggressively reducing his body fat!
  • He’s is running with the youth soccer team he coaches. This team happens to be one of Wenatchee’s most successful youth soccer teams, and competes on a national level. That’s Ramiro on the far right of the team picture. I think it’s about time to do that marathon!
Well done, Ramiro!
Coach Blaine
Actualize Your Purpose & Potential
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