Beginning June 17th, 2019 the following changes to Actualize Fitness will occur:

  • HIIT group classes will change in name to Metabolic.
    • We like this name because it better characterizes the class. The class is not only HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) focussed, but utilizes an array of exercises, energy system conditioning and rest protocols (to name a few) to maximize calorie burning and metabolic rate increase both during and after training.
    • Benefits of Metabolic will continue to be incubation of Transformation group classes in the areas of:
      1. Increased cardiovascular energy system and workload capacity
      2. Increased hormonal response and profile to promote lipolysis (fat loss)
      3. Increased caloric burn while training and after training (i.e. “afterburn”) which some studies suggest can last as long as 48-72 hours due to increased metabolic rate
    • We are considering adding some new programming varieties, stay tuned.
  • Restore group classes are going away. We LOVE the idea behind this class: using a blend of corrective and restorative methods  and modalities to help you, well, restore. The problem is, frankly, not many attend classes. People like the class in theory like we do, but even if they choose to attend, the majority ask, “Can we can do a HIIT class” (soon to be called Metabolic). A member recently shared that he likes the idea, but if people want Physical Therapy, Yoga/Pilates, mobility/flexibility work, there are several places in town who do that really well. Makes sense. Although, WHEN we move into a larger facility, and have multiple training floors and a larger customer base, we will re-examine. This does not diminish the importance of rest, restoration and recovery one bit. In addition to reaching out to Actualize coaches for ideas, here are some resources to consider implementing before/after training and on your “off” days:
  • The once-monthly Combine is going away. Similar as Restore, people value the idea of quantifying fitness, strength and performance. It’s not all about quantifying body composition progress, right?! But again, these classes are not well attended. For those who have been with Actualize for a while, you remember when we did these monthly in the place of Transformation classes. The result was a few happy competitive people, some who attended because they didn’t want to miss a workout but did not enjoy the class, and others who skipped altogether. This is why we moved this class to once per month on a Saturday. Again, the “WHEN we move into a larger facility” re-examination applies.

Other important notes:

    • We have been making a list new equipment and business optimizing ideas for a while and we’re curious to learn what you think would help Actualize now and in the future in a larger facility. Just this week, we ordered a few extra 20 lb dumbbells, but we know that’s only a start. Maybe you think we need more med balls? Incorporation of rowers and bikes into classes might excite you? Are there types of programming you would like to see implemented? All suggestions are welcome and valued! Please send your thoughts to [email protected].
    • The Actualize community rocks! One of our core values is, “We view and treat our clients like family and prospects like clients.” When starting Actualize, this was a value we believed was equally important for business as it was for the personal connection we desired with the people we do life and fitness with. You are our family. Beginning next week (click below), we are starting monthly community-driven events. Events will be based around fitness, learning and having fun together that foster the building-up and equipping of each other.

Thank you for your support, business and most of all friendship!

The Actualize Staff

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2 responses to “Actualize Fitness Updates

  1. Thanks for the update.
    I’d love to go on the hike but would probably slow everyone down.
    I love this gym. Everyone is so encouraging. I truly believe this was a God send for me.

    1. Sherry, we believe you are God sent too…for you, for us and our community!

      Come to the hike, nobody gets left out no matter their ability or speed.

      Cheers, Blaine

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