12 weeks to a slimmer, stronger, sexier you & the chance to win over $1,000 in cash and prices…no membership required!

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You bring the desire, intentionality and discipline to the 3-Month Transformation Challenge, and we will arm you with tools, education and encouragement to empower you in the following categories:

  1. Performance Enhancement Training, Strength & Conditioning
  2. Nutrition
  3. Lifestyle & Mental Achievement Coaching
  4. Relational Accountability

Our mission is to help you define and actualize your unique purpose and potential. What’s your purpose and potential?

  • Get healthy?
  • Lose fat & add lean muscle?
  • Move & feel better?
  • Increase your fitness?
  • Be more confident?
  • Develop healthy, sustainable, lifestyle-orientated habits in health, fitness and nutrition?

We can help! It will be a great honor to learn your purposes and potential, and help you actualize them. Don’t take our word for it, here’s a few words from our clients.


  • Actualize Fitness Member 3-Month Transformation Challenge: $49
    • Enroll next time you visit
  • Non-Members
    • 2-Week Transformation Challenge Trial: $49. Take the Transformation Challenge for a spin for 14 days, and pay $199 when you decide to continue!
    • Non-Member 3-Month Transformation Challenge: $199

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What you won’t get…

You will not get an individualized meal plan. We could give you one, but in our experience you probably wouldn’t follow it. We all like to think we can and will stick to a nutrition plan—until life gets in the way.

Also, you will not receive a such a demanding training program that you get crushed. We aren’t going to ask you to perform hours upon hours of cardio, train every day of the week, and all at a caloric deficit so drastic you will lack energy and dread training—not to mention could never imagine becoming a lifestyle.

However, you will be required to work smart and hard, and maybe even do a little homework on your own. Our programming is challenging but also designed to meet each fitness enthusiast exactly where they are in age and ability—whether you are new to the fitness arena, a weekend warrior or elite athlete, or simply wanting to move and feel better.

What you will get!

The 3-Month Transformation Challenge is going to create a solid foundation of training, nutrition habits and positive lifestyle changes you can implement right away and continue to use long after this program is completed. You will get:

  • Opportunity to win over $1,000 in cash and prizes! The top male and female will be awarded $500 cash—and there are several other prizes for runner-ups and participation! Transformation winners will be determined by the Actualize Sports & Fitness staff and member voting based on 1) Quantitative (measurable transformation) & 2) Qualitative (quality transformation):
    • Body Composition Metrics: increase in skeletal muscle mass and decrease in body fat %. We’re looking beyond the scale and simple weight loss. It’s entirely possible for somebody to gain lean muscle and drop body fat, and their weight stay the same or even increase.
    • Before & After Photos
    • Goal, Purpose & Potential Attainment
    • Your Transformation Story
  • 3-Month Transformation Challenge Kick-Off Meeting on April 22nd, 10:00am-12:00pm.
  • Before & After Photos & Body Composition Analysis with the InBody270: http://www.actualizesports.com/inbody-270.
  • 3 Months Unlimited Actualize Fitness Group Training in three Essentials Membership training environments:
    • Foundation: 2-session pre-requisite before admittance to register for other group training classes.
    • SPB Transformation: strength, performance & body composition transformation training
    • HIIT: high intensity interval training that utilizes functional body weight movements to pursue energy system development and fat loss
  • Your own Training Binder & Programming to hold yourself accountable and journal progress
  • Unlimited Facility Access to train on your own
  • 12-Month Subscription to Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach. This world renowned online curriculum, complete with daily lessons, practices/habits, check-ins, and more, guides clients through dramatic–yet sustainable–changes in nutrition habits to actualize their purpose and potential.Click here http://www.actualizesports.com/precision-nutrition to learn more about Precision Nutrition & ProCoach.
  • Access to Actualize University, an online resource with helpful tools and
    resources to help you actualize more of your purpose and potential in fitness, health, nutrition and life.
  • Exclusive Transformation Challenge Tools & Resources.
  • Relational Accountability from your assigned Actualize Fitness Coach. One of the number one reasons people fail to reach their fitness physique goals is because they are not being held accountable. Are you going to get up at 5am to go on a run before work by yourself? Maybe. Are your chances of getting out of bed more likely if you know someone is waiting for you to be there? OF COURSE! With Actualize Sports & Fitness, you will never be alone. You will never have to make hard decisions alone. You will be assigned a personal accountability coach to walk with you through the process, answer hard questions and get you through difficult situations. We will be there to hold you to the standard you set for yourself. We will be there to push you through when you thought it was time to quit. Meet the Actualize Staff!
  • Have fun, be challenged and train with others who share similar goals and abilities.
  • And much more!

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Why Actualize Sports & Fitness?

Actualize Sports & Fitness is North Central Washington’s premier performance enhancement training, health and nutrition, and mental achievement coaching center. We exist to educate, encourage and empower Actualize Fitness (fitness enthusiasts) clients to actualize their unique purpose and potential in athletics, fitness, health, nutrition and life.

Where is Actualize Sports & Fitness located?

1544 North Wenatchee Ave Suite 200

Wenatchee, WA 98801

How does the Transformation Challenge work?

  1. Click here to enroll between February 1 – May 1, 11:59 PST.
  2. Look for your Welcome Email to begin the on-boarding process. Print and fill out all required documents to bring to the Kick-Off Meeting on April 22nd at 10am-12pm. If you prefer, we will gladly print all required documents for a charge of $4/packet.
  3. At the Kick-Off Meeting, we will take your baseline measurements, before pictures, and body composition analysis. Your body composition analysis will also be taken at the end of the contest. You will also be assigned an Actualize Fitness Coach who will hold you accountable and help individualize your training and nutrition.
  4. The Transformation Challenge beings April 24th! Work hard to transform your mind and body Attend group training classes 3-5 times per week–we suggest a minimum of 3 training sessions weekly.
  5. Win cash and prizes totaling over $1,000!

 Will I be training in a group environment?

The 3 months of unlimited training included in your Transformation Challenge package is done in groups of 12 or less. Click here to view the class training schedule. If you cannot attend a group training session, you are free to use the facility from 5:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday.

Want to incubate your results? You will receive a special promotion on personal training at the Kick-Off Meeting. Stay tuned!

What kind of training will I be doing?

  1. Foundation Training: Foundation Training includes Foundation 1 and 2 (each session 90 minutes). Foundation training includes:
  • A quick dynamic warm up to activate muscle groups, increase mobility and flexibility, and prepare for training
  • Teach you how to assess, correct and promote biomechanical movement pattern efficiency
  • Help you discern and address imbalances while also considering structural abnormalities (if any)
  • Encourage body awareness and motor skill development, neuromuscular balance & stability
  • Coach movement technique and how to allocate resistance correctly through the kinetic chain
  • Develop foundational core and bodyweight resistance strength
  • Increase trainability, workload capacity and coachability
  • Introduce energy system, cardiovascular and endurance training
  • Teach restorative techniques
  • And much more!
  1. Strength, Performance, Body Composition Transformation Training (SPB) & High Intensity Interval (HIIT): Where Foundation Training left off, SPB Transformation & HIIT takes the baton and transitions into the dynamic equivalent by marrying functional resistance strength & conditioning and performance enhancement training to increase your:
    • Strength & Performance
      • Functional strength & performance
      • Agility, reaction & quickness strength & performance
      • Endurance strength & performance
      • Explosion & power strength & performance
      • Maximum strength & performance
      • Relative strength & performance
      • Speed strength & performance
      • Starting strength & performance
      • Cardiovascular strength & performance
    • Body Composition: SPB Transformation’s & HIIT’s primary body composition goals are to increase or maintain lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat. The two methods used to transform your body are:
      • Resistance training & energy expenditure completed directly through physical activity.
      • Energy expenditure completed indirectly (after and in between trainings) through the physiological processes pertaining to promoting lean muscle mass and the body exerting energy to restore and maintain it.

What is MindBody and how do I get it?

MindBody is our phone and tablet app that we use for our members to schedule classes and see promotions. Click here to get MindBody app or visit our online schedule.

Enroll online now, only 50 participants allowed!

Or call us at 509-888-3469 to schedule a time to visit Actualize to sign up!