Posted by Erin Hawkins Davidson on Thursday, January 26, 2017

I may be a little biased–because the beautiful, strong and determined young lady in the video is my daughter Kennady–but it’s really fun and encouraging to see the elementary age kids in our Actualize Sports Essentials (Discover) Membership getting strong, becoming more confident and more aware of their bodies!

Actualize Sports encourages athletes, teams and coaches in the realms of:

1. Performance Enhancement Training, Strength & Conditioning

2. Nutrition

3. Mental Achievement Coaching

We work with elementary, middle school, high school and college athletes to help them actualize their purpose and potential in athletics and life.

Attend one of our Actualize Sports Parent Athlete Meetings in February to tour the facility, meet our staff, learn about memberships and services, and be given the opportunity to learn about and enroll for the new quarterly training groups starting in March. Click here to register for one of these meetings today!

Coach Blaine

Actualize Your Purpose & Potential


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