While our doors may be forced closed due to the COVID-9 Virus , we will remain an encouragement and equipper of your health, fitness, nutrition and life!

Announcements & Updates

Actualize Fitness

Actualize Sports

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Let’s not shrink back from our goals due to this lockdown but rather turn this into an opportunity to continue intentionally and wisely pursuing the actualization of our purposes and potential in health, fitness, athletics and life!

Other Things

  • We are open to lending out equipment. Email [email protected] to learn more!
  • Are you currently dealing with an injury? Cy Grimmett is a licensed Physical Therapist and owns Forge Physio who operates out of Actualize Sports & Fitness. Physical Therapy is a service allowed to operate during the shutdown. Now is a great time to reach out to address that nagging injury, assess movement qualities, and focus on your health. Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.