Welcome to Actualize  Online Training!

Train with Actualize from home, at your gym or anywhere in the world to transform your health, fitness, strength, performance, and body!

You will use our My Accountability App to access:

  • Actualize online training programming, complete with video examples of every movement
  • Journal workout notes
  • Track body composition progress and before/after photos
  • Online support
  • And much more!
  • Orientation & Onboarding Prep
    • Welcome statement or ideally a introduction video welcoming the client to Actualize Online Training and overviewing what’s included and any orientation and onboarding resources listed below?
    • Orientation & onboarding resource 1
    • Orientation & onboarding resource 2
    • Orientation & onboarding resource 3
  • Want Nutritional Coaching & Relational Accountability? Receive all the benefits included in the Actualize Online Training program above with added nutrition coaching and relational accountability to actualize your goals!
    • 25-minute in-person or phone meetings every 6 weeks with assigned coach to create and execute individualized plan
    • Detailed Daily Data Tracking Spreadsheet
    • Weekly check-ins with assigned coach
    • Weekly Inbody Body Composition testing at Actualize (if live locally)
    • And much more!

Contact Coach Jenny Smith at 509-699-0176 or [email protected] to learn more!