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Before starting Step 1 below, it’s essential you:

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Step 1 – Accepting Your Precision Nutrition ProCoach Invitation & Completing the On-Boarding Questionnaire

Step 2 – Completing Your 3-Day Dietary Record

Three-Day Dietary Record

STEP 3 – Contacting Your Coach & Scheduling 1-on-1 Success Session Coaching Calls

Download Skype

Most coaching calls will be made through Zoom. Look out for an email from Coach Jenny before your schedule coaching call on how to access Zoom to meet her there!


STEP 4 – ProCoach: What to Expect & How to Use

Video 1: High Level Overview from Precision Nutrition

Video 2: The Ins & Outs of ProCoach 

Video 3: How to Use & Navigate ProCoach Workouts

Video 4: 30-Day Challenge – Lose 3% Body Fat & Get $59 Off!

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