Actualize Sports is proud to recognize Wenatchee High School scholar-athlete Connor Elwyn as our Athlete  of the Month!

As a state and nationally awarded swimmer, Connor began working with Actualize Sports in June 2018 to increase his performance in swimming and reduce the likelihood of injury. During his time at Actualize, Connor has seen his swimming times drop and accolades build up, and his strength and performance increase.

Unfortunately, in mid 2019, Connor started dealing with a condition called Scapular Dyskinesis, an upper extremity condition that is likely due to the repetitive motions of swimming combined with the way his body is set up structurally. The injury required Connor to stop swimming with his upper body. The remedy was to work with BioSports on rehabilitation while continuing with Actualize Sports to develop his lower body, core, energy system and conduct corrective work that came alongside the work being done by his Physical Therapist, Lyle McClune (one of the very best in the valley!).

Rather than shrinking back with a victim mindset like many athletes do when dealt with the blow of an injury, Connor chose to tackle the setback head-on, determined to come out the other end better physically, mentally and at the heart level.

Connor is just weeks away from his goal of returning to swimming, and he could not be more laser-focussed on his goals or working any harder with more determination. Connor is a picture of what an elite competitive athlete does when injuries occur.

It’s not IF an injury will occur as an elite athlete but WHEN. It’s said, “You will know them by their fruit.” I’ve always felt that one measure of an elite athlete and ultimately a man/woman is how they handle the adversity of the WHEN. A person can CHOOSE to develop sweet character developing fruits (i.e. work ethic, patience, perserverance, self control, even joy and love to name a few) amidst the grind and trials of the recovery journey, or sour fruits that manifests quite the opposite spirit.  I’m proud of you Connor, your fruit is incredibly sweet!

Connor’s parents, James and Kathy, had this to share:

“We are excited to see where Connor lands as he finishes off his Senior year at WHS. He has a long history of accomplishments with swimming which reflect his personality and drive. These achievements have been a result of long hours in the pool, sacrifices and determination. He has been faced recently with another challenge of working through an injury that has kept him out of the water longer than he has wanted. However, he has found other outlets, such as Actualize to work on maintaining strength both mentally and physically. As he transitions back to the pool, we feel his grit and determination will help him to continue working toward the goals he has set. We are so proud of the man he has become and excited to see his future evolve both in and out of the pool.”

Wow, well said parents!

Check out some of Connor’s amazing awards and accomplishments to date:

  • 2017 High School Most Valuable Swimmer
  • 2017 High School State Finalist 100 fly and 100 back
  • 2017 High School Most Valuable Runner-Cross Country
  • 2018 High School Most Valuable Swimmer
  • 2018 High School State Finalist 100 fly and 200 IM
  • 2018 Boys High School Swimming Team Captain
  • 2018 High School Track Scholar Athlete 
  • 2019 High School State Champion 100 back/100 free
  • 2019 WIAA Swimmer of the Week

Also, here is some of Connor’s progress at Actualize:

  • Bench Press – 1 Rep Max: 135 lb to 160 lb
  • Squat – 1 Rep Max: 140 lb to 215 lb
  • Front Squat – 1 Rep Max: 110 lb to 190 lb
  • Deadlift – 1 Rep Max: 135 lb to 205 lb
  • Pull Ups – Max Reps: 18 reps to 26 reps
  • Vertical Jump: 23.8 in to 26.7 in
  • Broad Jump: 91 in to 98 in
  • 20-Yard Agility Shuttle: 4.9 sec to 4.41 sec

Click here to see Connor’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page to see more of his progress!

Connor, keep pursuing your goals with intentionality, passion and preference. I can’t wait to see your hard work pay off in the pool, and even more so in how you change the world by the life you live.

Coach Blaine

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