Emily came to us looking to improve her game. She is a stud of a soccer athlete and wanted to refine her body control, strength & speed.

A year later, she has accomplished the goals along with much more. Emily is diligent, disciplined, and has more heart for growth and improvement than I see from most athletes her age. She wants more because she is sure she can get there!

Emily believes in herself and the best part is, she believes in the girls around her so she encourages them to come along side her. She is a quiet leader, always walking forward with a humble attitude, completely unaware of the people following at her heels.

Some encouragements from her mother were:

“As a parent, I have seen a young lady with a passion and dedication for soccer that was becoming increasingly discouraged…all of her training, practice and studying were not translating to the game. Her work at Actualize has given what her coaches, parents and practice could not…confidence in herself. Her play time, performance and most importantly her enjoyment of the game have all increased remarkably!”

Emily is realizing that she can do so much more than what she originally thought. She is exceling on the field and off. Here are a few of her successes at Actualize over the past 9 months:

* Bench Press – 1-Rep Max: 75lbs to 100lbs

* Front Squat – 1-Rep Max: 95lbs to 135lbs

* Sumo Deadlift – 1-Rep Max: 160lbs to 200lbs

* Vertical Jump: 16.5in to 18.3in

* Broad Jump: 62in to 76in

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I am so proud of your soft confidence and encouraged by the young lady you are growing up to be. I see leadership as your gift, and your drive as a key to your success. Keep investing and keep looking forward, Emily. The best is yet to come!

We are your # 1 fans!

Jenny & the Actualize Team

Actualize Your Purpose & Potential

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