Congratulations to Katya Kazulina, Senior Swimmer at Wenatchee High School and the Actualize Athlete of the Month!

A few more celebrations need to be noted—Katya, Happy 18th birthday, and woohoo, it’s your one-year Actualize anniversary!

I want to speak on the growth Katya has made in this challenging year of 2020. If I made a list of things I knew about Katya when she first started at Actualize 1 year ago, the list would include three things: 1) she had high standards for herself 2) she pursued excellence 3) she liked to do homework for fun.

Fast forward to October 2020 and the list of praises I could make on behalf of Katya’s character and strengths are endless. The first three qualities still exist, yet she has much more to say when asked, “What do you like to do for fun?” instead of, “I don’t know, homework?” 😉

Since we are taking a walk down memory lane, let’s take a peak at Katya’s progress at Actualize (11/2019-10/2020):

  • Weight: 179lbs to 155lbs. Her weight loss does not tell the whole story because she maintained her muscle while dropping 21.2lb of fat!
  • Bench Press – 1 Rep Max: 75lb to 95lb
  • Squat – 1 Rep Max: 125lb to 150lb
  • Deadlift – 1 Rep Max: 175lb to 205lb
  • Vertical Jump: 14.6in to 18.9in
  • Broad Jump: 58.5in to 70in

Click here to visit Katya’s Actualize Sport’s Featured Athlete Page and view all of her progress.

Proud of you Katya! Especially for a water athlete where dry land is second nature! 🙂

The best part of my job is watching young women come out of their shells by discovering their feminine strength not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Katya has done just that. She has transformed this year in ability, confidence and charisma. My initial observations still ring true, but the depth of her personality is one that is unmatched. She is HILARIOUS, life of the party (especially when overly caffeinated), but also intentional with care towards other athletes in her group. She connects with people gently,  is accepting and safe. She loves well. She is a good friend. She is passionate in the pursuit of her future and really wants to do well. She has the determination to match the dreams set before her.

Things I know now Katya likes to do for fun:

  • Hip thrusts—she can probably hip thrust more than a football player
  • Get her nails done—her nails are always 10/10
  • Conditioning and running—she doesn’t shy away from hard things
  • Hiking—I saw her out on the trails at least 2x week during the summer
  • Hang out with friends—she connects and does life well with others

Katya, what a delight it has been being a small piece of your big, beautiful life. I hope you continue to press into your untapped potential. Don’t shy away from the audaciousness of your dreams. You impress me daily and I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

Coach Jenny

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