It is my pleasure to recognize Madelon Tucker as the Actualize Sports Athlete of the Month for the second time during her time at Actualize!

Madelon Tucker has been an athlete at Actualize Sports & Fitness since April 2017, when she was just 12 years old. She has made immense progress over these two years but it has been over these last three months that we have noticed an entirely new, “glow up.”

When an athlete first starts training they immediately see quick growth and progress in strength, conditioning and performance because their potential has been untapped. It is not uncommon to see a young athlete add 20, 30, 40 pounds to their lifts in the first year due to what we call, “newbie gains.” Now that Madelon has a few years of experience under her belt, each pleateau she breaks through comes with a whole new level of time, effort and precision.

Check out some of Madelon’s progress just in the last 3 months:

  • Deadlift: 175 lbs to 195 lbs
  • Bench: 75 lbs to 80 lbs
  • Vertical Jump: 16.7 inches to 18.0 inches
  • Broad Jump: 69.5 inches to 71.5 inches

Click here to visit Madelon’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page!

I want to reiterate how hard it is to increase in strength and performance as you near maximal potential. Each 5 lbs increase on the bar is to be celebrated, and each inch jumped further is a dance party. I have watched Madelon try and try and try again to break through through her time with Actualize, and she has done exactly that with a new sense of who she has grown to be. She perseveres. She is the first to put her head down to do the work. She presses in with a new stride of who she wants to be. Her potential is without limit. And I am so proud of who she was, is, and who she is growing up to be.

Madelon has found a new stride with her health and fitness journey. Starting high school in the Fall, she has decided to run Cross Country, picking a sport that will follow her through the years. Again, Madelon is pressing into hard things by training for this new season and activity in her life with local running extraordinaire, Anja Petterson. Anja has been able to see Madelon’s drive in just two short weeks of runs together. She shared with me that Madelon is extremely talented as far as endurance goes and can really push herself! But what Anja hopes for most in her trainings is a joy for the process and from her perspective, Madelon is an athlete that shines.

Madelon, you are incredible and we could not be more proud. Continue to grow and continue to shine.

Coach Jenny

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