Actualize is proud to recognize Marie Brangwin as the Actualize Sports Athlete of the Month!

During my 4 years as a strength and performance coach at Actualize, I’ve found that the majority of young women who work with us have some knowledge of their goals, purposes and potential in athletics, fitness and life. Because of the competitive requirements on athletics, most are on the journey and in step with who they are and growing to become, and have started to align with the direction they see their life going with their athletic career. Marie is one of the few athletes I’ve worked with who was on the guarded side from the beginning. She was not sure of her talent as it relates to the greater pool, and very green, especially in the realms of strength and conditioning.

Don’t get me wrong, Marie has always known who she is; her values, character, passions, etc. But is has been my delight to use our work at Actualize to not only call her into physical strength and fitness, but encourage her to align with the confident woman she is becoming. This woman is fierce. This woman is capable. And no way did she let obstacles shy her away.

“So much of the growth we could have had is lost because of the people we feared, or the opinions we allowed to redirect us.” – Charolette Gambill, Miracle in the Middle

Marie Brangwin has grown in so many ways. She is not fearless, she is brave–and in this proud coach’s opinion, this is one of the most admirable qualities Marie possesses. She recognizes her stressors and discomfort, and she chooses to enter the arena anyway. Bravery requires awareness of fear, failure and disappointment, but knowing on the other side, the risk is worth the reward. You cannot push yourself in anything in life without being confronted with failure. That’s just how life goes. It is how you react to failures that show your true character. I have loved watching her fail and turn it into a success. She is resilient. I have loved watching her learn and change.

Marie has always been this spectacular, but it’s as we pursue our purposes and potential that we begin to blossom and begin living out of the fullness of who we are created to be. I am so thankful to be apart of Marie’s journey and life. This has been an incredible adventure and as the old cliché goes, the best is yet to come!

Check out some of Marie’s progress for the past 9 months:

  • Weight: 180lbs to 161lbs
  • Muscle Mass: 54lbs to 56lbs
  • Body Fat Mass: 80lbs to 60lbs
  • Body Fat Percentage: 44.6% to 37.6%
  • Bench Max: 65lbs to 85lbs
  • Squat Max: 95lbs to 140lbs
  • Deadlift Max: 75lbs to 160lbs
  • Sumo Deadlift Max: 75lbs to 125lbs
  • Vertical Jump: 10.3 in to 15.3 in
  • Broad Jump: 55 in to 64 in

Click here to visit Marie’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page to see all of her progress!

Incredible right?! My favorite part about this is that Marie has been mostly unaware of her bodily changes. These changes were never the most important. They were secondary to her performance goals as competitive swimmer.

Moral of the story, Marie’s progress has been above and beyond. She smashed all expectations and did it with a smile on her face. Despite every set back or failure, she came back to training with a new intention and mindset and never lost her joy.

Marie, your energy is unmatched and your joy for life is unreal. I am grateful for this experience with you and consider myself lucky to call you a friend. I cannot speak highly of you enough. Can’t wait to see how you tackle what life throws at you next.

You are SO LOVED in this space, Marie.

Til death do us part,

Coach Jenny

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