A few years back, I started hearing from local athletic coaches, “Keep your eyes out for a young man named, Riley Kunz. He’s going to do great things!”

About the same time, there were rumblings of mythic proportion from the middle schoolers I was coaching about a “man-child.” They would talk about a giant who was shaving in elementary school and dominated every sport he played.

The consistent message from these coaches and athletes was “man-child” was supposed to be even more impressive in character, scholarly pursuits and  leadership.

After having worked with Riley Kunz for over two months—I can confirm and expound upon the hype, it’s real!—and I’m proud to recognize him as the Actualize Sports Athlete of the Month!

I sat down with Riley and his father Craig before starting at Actualize to process goals, share what we do and make clear the high expectations of our elite training program for athletes. I’ve rarely met a young man with more clarity, focus and passion for his intentions. As a high school sophomore, Riley clearly verbalized his purposes and potential for school, athletics and the kind of upstanding man he longed to be.

One thing was clear from that initial meeting, Riley is dedicated to working toward a college football scholarship to pursue his even larger goals surrounding scholastics. With big hairy audacious purposes, we’ve set out on a journey together to make his potential a reality. Here are a few of Riley’s accomplishments since starting at Actualize over two months ago in December 2017:

  • Body Weight: 205 lbs. to 232 lbs. Riley Skeletal Muscle Mass alone jumped from 106 to 119. This is what happens when performance enhancement training meets hard work and adherence to the nutrition plan we provide.
    • Amendment: as of 2/19, logged body weight of 240.
  • Bench – Max Reps at 185 lbs.: 1 to 11
  • Bench – 1 Rep Max: 185 lbs. to 230 lbs.
  • Deadlift – 1 Rep Max: 355 lbs. to 370 lbs.
  • Back Squat – 1 Rep Max: 315 lbs. to 385 lbs.
  • Front Squat – 1 Rep Max: 285 lbs to 315 lbs. Front Squat 1 Rep Max Test 2/17/18
  • Vertical Jump: 28.7 in to 29.6 in
  • Broad Jump: 101 in to 108.5 in

Riley, you’ve definitely graduated from man-child to full on man!

Click here to visit Riley’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page to see all of his progress and watch him make his purposes and potential a reality in the future!

Here are a few of Riley’s accomplishments in the scholar-service department:

  • GPA: 4.0
  • Honors Society
  • Freshman and Sophomore Class President
  • Captain of Football Team as Sophomore
  • 1st Team All-Conference Football: Tight End
  • Writes for the Wenatchee HS Newspaper the Apple Leaf

Impressive young man, right?! You should see his dance moves.

Riley, we are stoked for the opportunity to partner with you and your family to champion whatever you set your heart toward. The journey has only just begun but I have no doubt you will give every ounce of the passion in your belly as you pursue your goals of excellence as a man of character.

Coach Blaine

Are you an athlete who wants to actualize their purposes and potential in athletics and life? Click here to learn more about Actualize Sports!

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  1. Riley, Having known you all your life as a relative, let me say Congradulations on all your hard work and accomplishments that you have achieved so far in your young life. My wife Sandra and I are so proud of you and of your family for the support they must furnish to you to help you reach your goals. Your acedemic, sports and social skills are just outstanding and very impressive. Keep up the good work, the future is open to you for whatever you can conceive.

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