Actualize has had the honor of encouraging and learning from Wenatchee High School Senior, Robey Jorgensen, since December 2014. I highlight “learning from” because Robey is the kind of young man who not only greatly values learning from others but also humbly teaches and leads those in his sphere of influence. My staff and the athletes Robey trains with are better people having spent time with him.

Robey carries a unique blend of gifts and strengths that he uses for the redemptive betterment of others: off the chart intelligence; a big heart; high ideals and character used for the pursuit of excellence; rap lyrical prowess; graceful dance moves; humor (see profile pic for example LOL). He’s the kind of person, after having spent time with him, I’m sure people often ponder, “I could see that guy becoming a 6-Star General, Fortune 500 CEO, world-class Triathlete, President of the United States or Actor.” This guy is the real deal, a dual-threat, world-changer in action.

It was no surprise when I received a text from Robey’s father, Rob, sharing his son had officially received an offer of admission to The United State Military Academy, West Point. I can only imagine how proud Rob (a West Point alumnus) and his wife (Jen, whom after medical school received a direct commission into the Army) are about their son serving our country.

Congratulations Robey!

Well done mom and dad!

Knowing the humility of the Jorgensen’s, sharing a list of Robey’s scholar-athlete-service accomplishments isn’t at the top of their list—but I can’t help but shamelessly share a few.

  • GPA: 4.0 and A-Honor Roll (4 Years)
  • Class Rank: 1
  • Captain of Lacrosse Team
  • Most Valuable Teammate for football 3 years
  • All-Conference honors for Lacrosse and Football
  • Physics Tutor
  • Youth Ski Coach

The list goes on and on.

Robey’s accomplishments at Actualize are off the charts too. As a result of applying the same high values, work ethic and good spirit that infect everything he puts his mind to, Robey has transformed his strength, performance and body composition, while staying injury-free on the athletic field. Some of Robey’s progress since December 2014 to today are:

  • Weight: 156 lbs. to 196 lbs.
  • Bench – Max Reps at 185 lbs.: 3 to 19
  • Bench – 1 Rep Max: 155 lbs. to 290 lbs.
  • Squat – 1 Rep Max: 255 lbs. to 310 lbs.
  • Deadlift – 1 Rep Max: 295 lbs. to 420 lbs.
  • Pull Ups – Max Reps: 6 to 25
  • Vertical Jump: 20.5 in to 29.9 in
  • Broad Jump: 84 in to 106.5 in

Wow, Robey! There’s only way one actualizes results like this over time…good old fashioned hard work and commitment. Click here to visit Robey’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page to see his full profile and progress.

I believe the work we do at Actualize provides a petri-dish for exploring one’s purposes and potential, not only in athletics, but even more so in life. Actualize uses strength, conditioning and performance enhancement methodologies to empower athletes to explore, question and answer questions like…

What is my purpose & potential in health, fitness, athletics and life?

When adversity hits, how will I choose to think and what will manifest as a result?

When I fall or fail, will I get up and what kind of attitude will I have?

When I’m uncomfortable, will I form the habit of not following my natural likes, dislikes and preferences and do what needs to be accomplished anyway because I recognize the need to do things I haven’t yet done to actualize things I have not yet actualized?

Will I choose to operate from love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control…or in the opposite spirit?

Robey, congratulations on being named the Actualize Sports Athlete of the Quarter! You personify a man who is on the great journey of life, exploring big hairy audacious questions, fighting the good fight, and what it looks like to actualize your purposes and potential. I’m excited for the man you are and who you are becoming, and the profound impact you will have on the world and those who will have the opportunity to be encouraged and equipped by you!

Coach Blaine

Are you a youth competitive athlete, team or coach interested in actualizing your purposes and potential in athletics and life? Click here to learn more!

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