What an honor it has been to watch Eastmont Junior High scholar-athlete, Kayla MacNeil, flourish since starting with Actualize in 2016. Kayla has blossomed in front of our eyes and we know the best is still to come!

This girl has got gumption, sprinkled with dash of sass! Her gifts and strengths lie in her ability to chase her mighty goals with determination and joy. Since starting training in November 2016, she has only taken one quarter off to set new PRs in her track season.

We learned about her passion, work ethic and focus last summer, when she took a break from training with an Actualize training group, but made time to ride her bike from her home in Fancher Heights, East Wenatchee to our Wenatchee location to train on her own at 8am. Then when finished, she’d hop back on her bike to peddle home, UPHILL, afterwards.  She has aligned with her purpose and potential, and is looking her goals dead in the eye. I have yet to meet another 15-year old with this much desire to succeed.

I am consistently dumbfounded by her tremendous athletic ability, but her heart and personality are where I can really start to brag. This girl old has walked through grit and has come out the other end with a heart of grace and acceptance. With athletes coming and going, Kayla has showed leadership, comfort, and an open door to all who arrive at her doorstep. She is one you can count on, she is loyal, and she will always go out of her way to show you she is for you.

Snapshots of Kayla’s year, November 2016 to December 2017:

  • Muscle Mass: 54.2lbs to 59.3lbs
  • Bench Press: 80lbs to 140lbs
  • Deadlift: 170lbs to 240lbs
  • Pull ups: 3 to 16
  • Vertical Jump: 20.2 to 25.6
  • Broad Jump: 81 to 90
  • 100 Meter PR: 13.6 Seconds
  • Discus PR: 87 ft. 10 in.

Click here to visit Kayla’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page!

Kayla, I cannot wait to see where you go from here. I write this so impressed by you. Continuously, you go above and beyond. I am astonished with your athletic pursuits and accomplishments but more than that, I am just so blessed to watch you grow. Here’s to the next best years, girl!

Coach Jenny

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2 responses to “Actualize Sports Athlete of the Year 2018 – Kayla MacNeil

  1. Dear Kayla,

    We are extremely proud of you. What an Honor to be selected Athlete of the Year. Not only were you selected because you are a super athlete but also because you are the whole package. You are very fit and conscious of what you put in your body. You work hard to be fit and challenge yourself. Also, you are smart, straight A student, and always strive to do your best. You have a good heart and are compassionate towards others. You are also kind and caring . You have a good sense of who you are and what is important to you. We love you very much and you deserve to be recognized!

    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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