Actualize Sports has been increasingly working with baseball players and pitchers in particular the last few years. One of our mentors from afar, Eric Cressey, has been a huge resource for us in how we conduct baseball-specific training. The results of what we’ve learned from Cressey have been mind-blowing performance while decreasing the chance of injury.

A great example of the fruits of our baseball-specific training can be found on Wenatchee High School grad Grady Miller’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Page. One metric in particular, Grady’s MPH (miles per hour) on his fastball is staggering. In June of 2015, Grady’s fastball was consistently timed at 83 MPH. In December 2016, when Grady plugged in for training during his Christmas Break, Grady was clocked at 92. Well done Grady, we can’t see what your future holds at the University of Portland and beyond!

Check out a few great articles from Eric Cressey for baseball players:

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Contact Actualize to learn more if you are a baseball player or coach desiring to actualize more of your purposes and potential on the diamond and in life!

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