Welcome to the Actualize  Winter Training Quarter!

Force Velocity Curve

SRA Curve

Actualize Sports 12-Week Training Quarter Timeline & Tasks

Goals of strength training:
  • Improve Movement Mechanics –
    • Allow you to move well & efficiently. 
  • Maximize the Nervous System –
    • Getting bigger Increased muscle protein synthesis – leading to increased physiological cross sectional area and muscle mass.
    • Getting stronger – Increased neural drive – (motor unit firing rates, motor unit recruitment – intramuscular coordination) leading to increased maximal muscle strength and explosive strength.
    • Generating force faster – Increased motor unit firing rates and motor unit synchronization leading to increased rate of force development and maximal muscle power.
  • Increase Tendon & Joint Capacity –
    • Structural tolerance & integrity – it refers to the capacity of tendons, ligaments and joints to withstand a progressive increase in workload. It is the ability of these tissues to resist fatigue and injury. As well as transfer force effectively & efficiently.
    • Follow the nutrition plan provided to you along with the Actualize Nutrition Principles. 
    • Get 7/8 hours of sleep per night.
    • Drink half your bodyweight in oz of water per day.
    • Be a learner.
    • Be willing to look SILLY.

Daily Training Tasks:

    • Once arrived, go to main computer and sign into class
    • Complete Daily Readiness Survey and record it in binder.

Weekly Tasks:

    • Attend scheduled strength training sessions (2-4x/week)
    • Follow additional conditioning protocol if assigned by coach

Tasks Every 6 Weeks:

    • Take Inbody270 Body Composition Test
    • Meet with assigned Actualize Coach for 1v1 or parent-athlete meeting


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

December 4th – February 23rd: 3:45-5pm

NO TRAINING: December 25th, 26th, & January 1st 

Week 1: Testing Week – MANDATORY

    • Monday: Introduction Meeting with parents and athletes, Body Composition Test, NCMJ Vert Test, CMJ Broad Test, Hex Bar Max Rep Test
    • Tuesday: CMJ Vert Test, NCMJ Broad Test, Bench Press Max Rep Test
    • Wednesday: Triple Broad Test, Goblet Squat Test and/or 50% Test
    • Thursday: Pull Up Test, 5-10-5

Week 2: Individual/Parent Athlete Meeting Week

      • Sign up for a meeting with your assigned Actualize Coach to discuss goals, nutrition, and training. Meeting times with be during the training hour while the other coach is on the floor.
      • Athlete MUST have completed the Week 1 HW before meeting with assigned coach
      • Can meet with your coach 1v1 or have a parent present
      • Process your upcoming training days and initial composition test
      • Check-in and quantify progress toward goals and refine training, nutrition and relational accountability plan
  • Week 6: Jump & strength tests conducted over the course of the week
  • Week 10: Final Testing Week
    • Conduct final testing before peaking protocol for those heading into a sport season
  • Week 12: End of Winter Training Quarter
    • Actualize Award Ceremony
    • End of Quarter Progress Reports given
    • End of Quarter Feedback Surveys sent
Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring?

  • Training shoes
  • Workout appropriate clothing
  • Snack for emergencies
  • Water

What does acceleration based training mean?

We will have one whole training session a week focusing on acceleration based mechanics, which are needed in almost 99% of sports. Acceleration means the change in velocity over time. So, our goal is to maximize the athletes ability to achieve top speed in a shorter amount of time. On this day each week we will emphasis horizontal force production, long ground contact time, and specific body and posture mechanics.

What does max velocity based training mean?

We will have one whole training session a week focusing on max velocity based mechanics, which is what it means to be at top speed. Velocity means the change in displacement over time or how fast you can go from one point to the next.  Our goal is to maximize the athletes ability to achieve top speed. On this day each week we will emphasis vertical force production, short ground contact time, and specific body and posture mechanics.

What do the strength sessions look like? 

Increasing strength means increasing the athlete’s ability to produce force.

Click here to learn how force and velocity translate to your sport!

Force affects objects in motion.

Force is mass times acceleration.

Acceleration is the change in velocity over time.

Force plays a roll in acceleration and velocity. The more force that is applied by an athlete, the more motion the athlete will experience. If we can enhance the athletes own ability to produce force, then we can then hope to increase the athletes ability to acceleration as well as achieve a higher max velocity. Game play is a beautiful storm. Our goal is to capitalize on foundational principles that allows the athlete to start taking ownership over their own mechanics and power.

What can we do at home to encourage the best results possible?

Manage your athlete’s stressors. Most athletes who are driven enough to participate in training groups like these have more than one sport or team or activity that they are pursuing at a time. Which means these athletes have a lot going on in the sporting activity department. A stressor would be defined as anything that takes the athlete away from homeostasis. So, things like sports, social time, sleep, home life, relationships, work, nutrition, & water all play a role. What can you do to help navigate these stressor? What can you control? Control what you can! Make sure the athlete is getting adequate sleep, nutrition, and hydration.

Capitalize on your athlete’s recovery.

If the athlete does not have the ability to recover, the athlete will not achieve the desired adaptation from training that they are seeking anyway.

Make sure your athlete is working hard #1, but making sure your athlete has room to recover is a close #2.

How will I contact my coach?

Once you have committed to the 12-week quarter, Coach Jenny will invite you to the BandApp. This will be the hub for communication between all athletes, parents, and coaches. If there is comes a time that something needs to be communicated or you have questions or thoughts, send Jenny a message on the BandApp!

Where do I find more nutritional resources for my athlete?

Click the link below to see our nutrition resources!

Actualize Sports Nutrition

Can’t wait to get started!