The Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine is here!

In the place of Workout A on the first Monday & Tuesday of each new 4-week Transformation group training phase, Actualize Fitness members will conduct the Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine as their workout. This fun testing combine aims to track and reward you for increases in strength, conditioning and performance over time…it’s not all about body composition transformation!

The Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine allows for the competitive nature in every human being to spark, take root and move to new levels as you progress at Actualize. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a beginner, you’ll conquer the events  with your training group to earn Actualize Fitness Wristbands based on your performance.

How do you get a wristband? Similar to karate, each member is required to test on each combine event. When members complete all the standards for the following events at one entire level, they are awarded the corresponding wristband.

Read about the challenge standards and tests below or click here to see the Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine poster!

Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine Standards & Tests 

  • Burpee Blast Challenge: Perform as many burpees as you can in 1 minute.
    • 10 Burpees – Actualize Apprentice
    • 15 Burpees – Actualize Diplomat
    • 20 Burpees – Actualize Ambassador
    • 30 Burpees – Actualize Chosen One
  • Plank Challenge: Perform a perfect prone elbow plank. The timer stops when form is broken.
    • 1 Minute – Actualize Apprentice
    • 2 Minutes – Actualize Diplomat
    • 3 Minutes – Actualize Ambassador
    • 4 Minutes – Actualize Chosen One
  • Push-Up Challenge: Perform as many perfect push-ups as possible. Once you cannot perform another push-up, the test is complete. Women will perform the push-ups from their knees (unless they are able or desire to conduct a conventional push up).
    • 10 (Women), 25 (Men) – Actualize Apprentice
    • 15 (Women), 35 (Men) – Actualize Diplomat
    • 25 (Women), 55 (Men) – Actualize Ambassador
    • 40 (Women), 75 (Men) – Actualize Chosen One
  • Chin Up Challenge: Perform as many perfect chin ups as possible. Once you cannot perform another chin-up, the test is complete.
    • 10 sec isometric hold (Women), 3 (Men) – Actualize Apprentice
    • 3 eccentric reps (Women), 8 (Men) – Actualize Diplomat
    • 4 (Women), 12 (Men) – Actualize Ambassador
    • 8 (Women), 20 (Men) – Actualize Chosen One
  • 3-Rep Max Hex Bar Deadlift Challenge: 3-rep max with no drop at the top according to pounds lifted, making sure not to sacrifice form for weight.
    • 125 (Women), 205 (Men) – Actualize Apprentice
    • 155 (Women), 245 (Men) – Actualize Diplomat
    • 195 (Women), 325 (Men) – Actualize Ambassador
    • 235 (Women), 375 (Men) – Actualize Chosen One
  • Full Body Fit Test: 5 bodyweight exercises performed consecutively as fast as possible with perfect form.
  1. Prisoner Squat 30
  2. Push-Up             30
  3. Bear Crawl             30 yards (15yds forward, 15yds back)
  4. Sprinter Sit-Up 30 (15/side)
  5. Jump Squat             30
    • 4 minutes –  Actualize Apprentice
    • 3.5 minutes – Actualize Diplomat
    • 3 minutes – Actualize Ambassador
    • 2.5 minutes – Actualize Chosen One

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