Beginning this week at Transformation classes we introduced the first of many Actualize Fitness Pop Quiz Combine Tests. What’s that?

A little backstory…

A few weeks back we introduced the Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine where Actualize Fitness members conduct 6 strength, conditioning and performance tests. The first combine a member participates in serves as baseline to track and reward members for their progress over time…it’s not all about body composition transformation! Click below to see the recognition levels and standards.…/20…/01/combine-poster-1.pdf

If you participated in the Actualize Fitness Challenge Combine, you know the tests are also quite a workout. In fact, you may have thought to yourself, “Gosh, I’m tired, I could have performed X test better if I had not done tests beforehand.”

Enter the Actualize Fitness Pop Quiz Combine Tests.

We want you to improve and succeed! So–randomly and sparingly–you have the opportunity to conduct one coach-selected combine test at the beginning of a Transformation class to improve upon your score. In other words, these one-off tests count! “Randomly and sparingly” are keywords here because the primary chance to practice and improve your strength, conditioning and performance is daily at Transformation classes. And the only opportunity to test all six combine events at once is during the first Transformation A workouts of each new 4-week training phase.

This week’s Actualize Fitness Pop Quiz Combine Test was the Plank Test. The previous best scores were above 4 minutes in length. We saw a new record come in yesterday at just under 6 minutes by Erin Davidson. That didn’t stand very long, as Craig Vanderhart blew away the competition and set a new standard at 9:01 minutes. Well done Craig! Erin was caught saying, “I guess I need to plank for 10 minutes now.”

Be on the lookout for upcoming Actualize Fitness Pop Quiz Combine Tests!

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