We encounter all different types of people at Actualize. It’s not very long in a training environment that we also learn how people view their self and others, and their opinions and attitudes manifest in self talk and talk with others.

And as we do relationship with people over time, we start to see how these views, talks, opinions and attitudes permeate and manifest in their everyday life…which speaks powerfully to me about how the fitness and health realm (and really anything we invest in) becomes a powerful petri dish and metaphor for life.

Probably the most visible view, talk, opinion and attitude we see manifest at Actualize is positivity or lack thereof. I could list thousands of ways clients react positively or negatively to things like:

* Progress they are making or lack thereof
* Ability to commit to training or lack thereof
* Choice to plug into the nutrition principles we suggest or lack there of
* And on and on it goes

Which leads a mind like mine to start thinking about the thousands of things in their lives they are choosing to be positive or negative about.

Give the following article by Michael Hyatt a read. Perhaps it will give you some tools and fresh mindsets about the CHOICE to be positive……which I believe has the ability to richly bless our lives in every category we operate…which will carry over into your ability to actualize your unique purposes and potential in the realms of fitness, nutrition and health!

Coach Blaine

4 Ways to Stay Positive in Work and Life

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