Kyle is a firm believer in bringing positive energy to others so they can spread joy and positivity into others around them. He is currently a student at WVC pursuing a degree in engendering technology, loves the outdoors, growing physically and mentally.
Kyle is a local boy of Wenatchee. His mom tried hard to get him actively involved in sports when he was young, putting him through just about anything and everything until something stuck. Playing sports year round involved soccer, baseball, football, golf, tennis camps, swimming, track, and riding his mountain bike any chance he could get.
Swimming is was stuck in high school and was a sport where he could be with a group of men but really rely upon himself and the coaches for how “good” he wanted to be.
When high school swimming ended, mountain biking became his adult love, while working at Arlberg Sports for many years. Kyle also conducted a stint Dutch Bros before starting with Actualize in November 2019.
A friend, Keaton Smith (Coach Jenny’s husband), exposed me to the greatness of Actualize. Having prior back injuries, I knew I had to be careful. I ramped up slowly at the beginning and found the Actualize training style was something that was sustainable and very transformative! 1+ years down the road, I’m working out harder than ever with zero pain and have learned an immense amount of exercise knowledge from Jenny and Blaine as two incredible mentors and friends.