Congratulations to Max Yount, Actualize Sports Athlete of the Month!

Max is a Junior in High School who participates in the Running Start program at Wenatchee Valley College where his scholastics have earned him recognition on the President’s List for a 4.0 GPA. For many years Max’s primary sport has been Tennis. Within the last year, Golf has taken center stage.

Actualize is honored for the opportunity to train Max 4 days per week with the goals of encouraging and equipping him to perform at his highest level possible through strength & conditioning training and nutrition, while reducing the likelihood of injury.

Check out Max’s amazing progress over the last 8 weeks!

  • Hex Bar Deadlift – 1 Rep Max: + 70 lbs
  • Bench Press – 1 Rep Max: + 25 lbs
  • Front Squat – 1 Rep Max: + 65 lbs
  • CMJ Broad Jump: + 6 inches
  • CMJ Vertical Jump: + 1 inch
  • Triple Broad Jump: + 13.5 inches
  • 10 yd Sprint: – 0.05 seconds

Well done Max!

A few words from your team…

“We could not be more proud of the person Max has become over the last year. He found a passion for golf and spends hours a day practicing while balancing a 4.0 at Wenatchee Valley College. To further his golf skills and help reach his goals, he committed to training at Actualize and improving his nutrition. His commitment has begun to pay off as his results continue to improve. We are excited to see where he will go next.” – Tracy & Kate Yount (Dad & Mom)

“It’s exciting to see Max’s progress. When Max first walked into Actualize he was an athlete who possessed finesse and good hand-eye coordination due to many years of competitive Tennis. Now that increases in strength, power and athleticism are more prevelant components of his arsenal, we’re watching an entirely new athlete emerge in the gym and on the course. His swing velocity has increased so much that he recently had to get a new set of stiffer clubs. The combined effect of more velocity, strength and power has resulted in an increase of his driver from 240 yards to 270 yards.” – Coach Blaine Davidson

“Max continues to make strides in his athletic development along with gains in confidence. Since returning to Actualize due to the COVID hiatus, he has been present and diligent with each training session. He shows up early, works hard and always has a positive attitude. He has a witty sense of humor that has left me smiling to myself many times. Max I am proud to be your coach and for the opportunity to spend time doing life with you.” – Coach Cy Grimmett

Max, Actualize is honored to be a part of your team, keep up the amazing work!

The Actualize Team

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