The song we believe we’re supposed to sing over and into the lives of the people we are blessed to encourage includes things like:

  • Discovering and actualizing one’s unique purposes and potential in fitness, nutrition, health and life
  • Getting real about the why’s of one’s purposes and potential
  • Encouraging a sustainable, maintainable, lifestyle-oriented journey for the long-run

As we do this, our goal is to meet each client right where they are at by getting to know their story and so we can value their process…so we can champion the points above through positive encouragement and relational accountability.

At some point in each client relationship we eventually uncover areas of “opportunity”…something not yet actualized. Our role at this point is to discern whether this opportunity fits into the client’s definition of success in relation to the bullets above.

If the mindsets and actions required to actualize the opportunity will place burden, shame, fear or condemnation on the client, we either place the opportunity on the shelf for another time or chuck it.

If the opportunity aligns with the clients unique purposes and potential and why’s in this season of their life, and is something they view as sustainable, maintainable, lifestyle-oriented, we walk with the client to actualize the opportunity.

Often our areas of opportunity include roadblocks, blindspots, etc. that require new thoughts, tools and actions–thoughts, tools and actions that often don’t follow our natural bent, preferences, etc. and can only be actualized with discipline to overcome the obstacles that lie between us and where we want to go.

Like any change we desire to make in life, the opportunity enters a season of process where we practice the new thoughts, tools and actions–even if we don’t want to and/or they aren’t easy–and as we have better thoughts more often, our actions begin aligning with our thoughts more often, and we increasingly move closer to actualizing the change we desire.

Coach Blaine

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Coach Blaine

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