A big congratulations to Duncan Favor on signing a letter of intent to become a scholar-athlete with Central Washington University!

Duncan will bring his big heart, amazing character and personality, world-changing strengths and baseball prowess to the Wildcats!

Duncan, you personify “we reap what we sow.” You’ve sown big into your time at Actualize since 2015 and transformed on every level as a result.

Click here to visit Duncan’s Actualize Sports Featured Athlete page to see his riduculous progress at Actualize!

In addition to the hundreds of hours we’ve spent together on the training floor, I’m even more blessed by the opportunities we’ve had to share life together. Thank you for our Sunday morning breakfasts, the laughs, tears and countless ways you’ve impacted my life. I’m honored to count you as a trusted friend in addition to being your coach.

Even more impressive than your body composition, strength and performance transformations is the man you are and I see you becoming. Well done mom and dad!

I can’t wait to see you show off the fruits of your labor on the Central baseball diamond.

You are called to wildly successful in every category of your life, glorifying God by living fully alive from the desires of your heart, and your example will call others to do the same.

Love you bud!

Coach Blaine

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