Fierce, Not Fragile – Return to strength Postpartum Program 

Welcome, Women of Ferocity!

Fierce Not Fragile is a 12-week, postpartum training program designed to guide new mothers as they rehab from birth and return to strength training. We are so glad you are here! Pregnancy is a beautiful and challenging experience that takes a toll on the body.

Your 12-week journey is divided into 3 phases with the intent to progressively overload your training regime while keeping in mind the specificity needed to heal, progress and strengthen a postpartum body.

Fierce, Not Fragile Program Tutorial

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Phase 1 Fierce, Not Fragile: Recovery -Weeks 1-4 Postpartum 

Phase 2 Fierce, Not Fragile: Preparatory -Weeks 5-8 Postpartum

Phase 3 Fierce, Not Fragile: Return to Strength -Weeks 9-12 Postpartum

There will be a gradual progression in the intensity of the exercises that coincide with how your body is healing.The workouts are designed to be conducted at home with minimal equipment. Access to a yoga mat, dumbbells, bands, and a bench or chair will be sufficient.

Our mission is to break the stigma that pregnancy makes you fragile and instead instill in you the skills and knowledge to fiercely strengthen and heal your body.

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Our Why – How Fierce, Not Fragile Came to be

Amber and Jenny saw a lack of education, research and clarity for women embarking on their pregnancy and postpartum journeys, especially in the fitness community.

Each woman has a different experience, so generalized advice is not fitting for all. The 6 week average of exercise clearance post birth leaves many mothers feeling as if they have been thrown to the wolves. Many mothers take the clearance date as a green light to jump back in with both feet, but do so without guided, intentional steps toward a “normal” pre birth or pre pregnancy exercise regime. Too much too soon quickly becomes too little too late. Our goal with Fierce, Not Fragile is to equip each woman with a strength training regime that will progress wisely, taking into account the specificity of how child birthing affects a woman’s body.

In this program, you will be provided with clear steps to return to a consistent strength training program. The aim is to abolish the stigma of fragility while recognizing the changes and effects of childbirth. There MUST be better resources and education for women during this time of great transition, new life has entered the world!

Thank you for your partnership to take steps on your journey back to a strength training program post birth.

You are fierce, not fragile!