Thanks GWATA for considering Actualize Sports & Fitness for your Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It’s an honor to be included alongside so many distinguished organizations that are positively sowing into North Central Washington.

Below are the questions and answers you requested to evaluate our organization. We apologize ahead of time if we provided too much detail. There are several layers to what we do. Simply saying we train athletes and adults in functional movement, coach lifestyle-oriented nutrition and mental thought life, and utilize technology and education systems to help people actualize their purpose and potential doesn’t share enough detail. We hope you will view the information, links and videos provided below, and come away with a clear idea of how we are offering something entirely new and innovative to our region and beyond. Thanks for your time and consideration!

1. Primary Contact and Title:

Blaine Davidson, Owner & Performance Enhancement Coach

Actualize: 509-888-3469

Cell: 509-293-2383

Email: [email protected]


Blaine’s Bio

2. Year Business Started:

Actualize Sports & Fitness (Realize LLC) was formed in 6/10/2013, although Blaine Davidson has worked in the Performance Enhancement and Strength & Conditioning realms for over 15 years (in addition to other vocational ventures).

  • 2001-2006: Worked as Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach at Bellevue High School while working as Marketing Manager at Market Leader
  • 2006-2012: Moved to Wenatchee and began working with youth competitive athletes in North Central WA with no fee attached while starting a real estate business with wife Erin Davidson and a non-profit ministry, BeVictorious
  • 2013-2016: Transitioned to for-profit business and implemented beginning stages of Actualize Sports & Fitness business model
  • September 2016-Current: Broke ground on new facility in September 2016 with multi-channel business model serving competitive athletes, coaches & teams and fitness enthusiasts

3. You were nominated for your holistic foundational  training principles that focus functional, sustainable fitness and nutrition for life. Can you please tell us more about the company and/or product you created and developed?

Actualize Mission & Core Values: at the center of who we are and what we do is our mission and core values, which in many ways is a stark cultural contrast to the philosophies, services and value propositions of traditional training facilities.

Here is a video that provides insight into Blaine’s story and process of forming the mission and core values that drives Actualize. His vision was birthed out of discontent for a better solution for youth competitive athletes, teams and coaches (Actualize Sports) but has evolved to also include fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities (Actualize Fitness).

Here is a quick commercial that explains the difference between our two primary business models–1. Actualize Sports & 2. Actualize Fitness–and how we utilize three underlying channels–1. Performance Enhancement Training, Strength & Conditioning 2. Nutrition Consulting 3. Mental Achievement Coaching–to educate, encourage and empower our clients to actualize their unique purpose and potential in athletics, fitness and life.

We created the following products and services for the two primary models and three underlying channels shared above:

Actualize Sports: Actualize is the only training facility in North Central WA where the model, memberships and services cater specifically to competitive athletes, teams and coaches. Rooted in clinical research that seeks to functionally enhance performance while decreasing the chance of injury of athletes, and develop young people who pursue excellence as men/women of character, the primary Actualize Sports Memberships are:

Click here to learn more about the model, products and services that fall under the memberships shared above. Scroll down page to grid that lists our products, services and value propositions, and click +More Details to expand and learn in greater detail.

Actualize Fitness: While there are several training facilities that cater to adult fitness enthusiasts, Actualize Fitness differentiates itself by providing a highly hands-on, relational, boutique-like experience. Rooted in clinical research that seeks to develop functional performance while decreasing the chance of injury, we help clients to actualize sustainable transformations of things like fitness, body composition, etc. the primary Actualize Fitness Memberships are:

Click here to learn more about the model, products and services that fall under the memberships shared above. Scroll down page to grid that lists our products, services and value propositions, and click +More Details to expand and learn in greater detail.

4. What is the need for this innovative product or service? What impact has this company, product, or service had on our local economy?

Some needs and impacts Actualize Sports & Fitness fulfills are:

  • While general fitness training and nutrition offered at traditional gyms will help competitive athletes some, athletes have very different requirements (than fitness enthusiasts) to ensure they perform at their highest potential while decreasing the chance of injury. Actualize Sports’ athlete-specific approach creates an all-together different kind of athlete, enabling those who want to actualize their purposes and potential in athletics to do so through athlete-specific: 1. Performance Enhancement, Strength & Conditioning 2. Nutrition Consulting 3. Mental Achievement Coaching. Athletes looking for this level of service need to travel to larger cities for similar services.
  • Many of our athletes have the goal of becoming scholar-athletes beyond high school. Every year we send several athletes to colleges and universities, some with scholarships and others receiving entry to schools they would not normally have credentials to attend without their athletic prowess and character that higher level coaches desire.
  • Our tagline and mission is to help our scholar-athletes and fitness enthusiasts Actualize Your Purpose & Potential…in athletics, fitness and more importantly life. Re Actualize Sports, we believe we have the responsibility to speak life, identity, purpose and potential to the youth we have the honor of encouraging. During the impressionable and formative years of elementary-high school (in particular)–when there are many negative and fear/shame-based voices, and trials and temptations that can lead to actions that have impactful consequences–we stand for redemptive, life and hope giving equipping. Re Actualize Fitness, our approach is so very much different as you’ll learn from the client video testimonials below. We don’t put any stock into things like shame and fear based training and success quantification,  magic pills and restrictive diets, extreme training programs, etc. often seen at traditional training facilities. We encourage a sustainable, maintainable, lifestyle-oriented approach to training, nutrition, health and life coaching.
  • Education & Technology. Actualize utilizes educational and technological innovations to differentiate itself in the marketplace and to offer unparalleled service and results to clients:
    • Actualize University: an online hub for Actualize Sports & Fitness members. The tools provided seek to empower clients to actualize more of their purpose and potential in sports, fitness, nutrition, health, mental achievement and life. Look around Actualize University and see a collection of resources, from acclaimed Drs, nutritionists and thought leaders, to meal plans, articles, videos and much more.
    • Precision Nutrition Coaching and the online ProCoach nutrition curriculum:  we have partnered with the #1 nutrition education company on the planet. Clients receive a 12-month membership to the online nutrition curriculum, ProCoach, where they log-in each day to watch educational videos, track nutrition, health and body composition metrics, journal, communicate with their Actualize Coach and much more. Actualize then uses this information to hold each individual client relationally accountable at the facility.
    • Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Tool. A first of its kind, Actualize developed this tool for our competitive athletes, teams, coaches, parents and college scouts to track and evaluate metric progress online in the areas of body composition, performance, strength, nutrition and much more. For example, view two athletes with unique purpose and potential, believed in our holistic philosophy, and set out on an intentional journey to actualize it:
      • View Trey Adams Featured Athlete Page. Trey received a full ride scholarship to the University of Washington, was the first true freshman lineman to ever start for Head Coach, Chris Peterson, and has already accumulated several honors and All-Amercian Awards. For Trey, his parents and colleges considering him as a scholar-athlete, it was very important for them to see his gains in body composition, strength and performance.
      • View Grady Miller’s Featured Athlete Page. Grady received a full ride scholarship to the University of Portland. In addition to Grady’s gains in body composition, strength and performance, most notable for pro scouts considering drafting him and college coaches, you can view an increase in his fastball from 83 MPH to 92 MPH was paramount.
      • View All Athlete Pages
    • Body Composition Analysis with the InBody270: cutting edge technology that goes beyond the scale to track and share progress of several different metrics to hold both Actualize and the client accountable that the training, nutrition and lifestyle being encouraged is yielding results. For Actualize Sports clients, the metrics from the InBody270 analysis fill the Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Pages shared above. Also, this analysis acts as a catalyst for relationally accountability in the nutrition department.
    • Testing Combines: events for Actualize Sports athletes to test the fruits of their labor. The metrics attained at these combines fill the Actualize Sports Featured Athlete Pages shared above.
    • Nutrition Seminars: a seminar that invited parents and athletes to learn the unique demands of athletics and their goals, and equips them with practical and tactical tools to put the information into action.
    • Mental Achievement Seminars. Some of these seminars include: 1. Discover Your Strengths, Purpose & Potential 2. What Is A Man? Authentic Masculinity 3. What Is Woman? Authentic Femininity 4. Life Planning & Goal Setting…and much more
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5. Is there any additional information you would like to share? Any articles or videos?

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