Here’s the cost of getting lean. [Infographic]
Is it really worth the trade-off?

By John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre

Six-pack abs. Tight butts. Lean, vibrant, flawless health. That’s the image the fitness industry is selling. But have you ever wondered what it costs to achieve that “look”? What you have to do more of? What you really have to give up?

Make no mistake, there are real trade-offs as you attempt to lose fat and improve your health. In this infographic, we outline them. So you can consider how to get the body you want while living the life you enjoy.

Click here to see an infographic about the cost of getting lean.

For the clients we are blessed to encourage at Actualize, after viewing the infographic above, we challenge you to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the cost of actualizing the goal you think you desire worth it?
  • Have you have placed unrealistic expectations and burdens on yourself to chase goals that aren’t in relation to you definition of an attainable, sustainable and lifestyle-oriented approach to fitness and health?
  • Maybe your goal is attainable and sustainable, but have you thought through the sacrifices, trials and temptations that are often associated with making the progress you desire?

We hope this tool will provide perspective into forming smart goals and lead to actualizing more of your purposes and potential.

Actualize prides itself of helping clients explore and discover their unique purposes and potential, and then arming each person with the tools to make it happen with relational accountability.

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