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iLa, pronounced– ee-la-, was inspired by our experience of yoga, and how it enhances people’s lives. Thejourney began in 2008, with a trip to Nosara, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The tranquil lifestyle, rooted in the surfing and yoga community drew us into a simpler way of life. Our desire to share that existence, and the benefits that go with it, led us to iLa.

We envisioned a yoga studio in the valley. That vision has turned into our reality.  iLa is inspired by the simplistic lifestyle of Costa Rica we have had the beauty of experiencing. It encourages the mindset of

health, happiness, love and choosing an authentic life. The Foundation of our practice stems from the

Interdisciplinary Yoga taught at the Nosara Yoga Institute. This discipline encourages our instructors to teachtheir expression of yoga, allowing students the opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of styles, and find what suits them best.

Yoga has enhanced our lives immensely. We are so grateful for the

benefits we receive from our own yoga practice, and love sharing it with everyone!

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