Actualize Sports & Fitness is proud to share a fantastic article by one of our Preferred Local Partners, Tandi Rolen, Operator of The Hunter’s Wife.

Intermittent fasting, cleansing and detoxing is a hot topic in the world of fitness, nutrition and health. Tandi is local expert in this realm and shares some perspective in her article below, Intermittent Fasting, Cleansing & Detoxing.

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Intermittent Fasting, Cleansing & Detoxing

By Tandi Rolen/ Operator of The Hunter’s Wife Health Bar

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but rather a dieting pattern. It’s making a conscious decision to skip certain meals by fasting and then feasting on purpose. Intermittent fasting means being intentional about when you eat your food and sticking to one or sometimes just two meals a day.

This sounds crazy, right? We’ve been told a healthy diet involves eating breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner. Intermittent fasting may sound intimidating to someone who’s never tried it before. But what if we told you that taking a break from so many meals a day is completely natural! Let me explain.

We all have different theories of what to eat. Meat, meatless, coffee, no coffee, dairy, no dairy–the theories will always be there as long as bio-individuality exists. One person’s food is another one’s poison. But out of all the dietary theories in the world we can’t escape our heritage of intermittent fasting.

Long before food was convenient we worked for our next meal. Nothing was instant. Our ancestors, the Hunters and Gatherers, often fasted while searching for food. Yet, their bodies remained sustained and could carry them through their nomadic life.

Fast forward to the present. We aren’t just over consuming toxic food, it’s unfortunately become a part of our daily life. The typical American diet consists of animal products, grains, sugars/sweets, soda and junk food up to four times each day. Consuming these foods increases acidity during the digestive process, leading to potentially harmful consequences. Taking in these processed foods on a regular basis makes the average American more at risk for serious health issues. The top 14 causes of death in the United States are directly linked to the type of food the Western world is consuming ( Now try to swallow that!

Intermittent fasting is part of the solution to rebuilding your digestive system and overall energy. But what’s equally if not more important is the food that you fuel yourself with in-between fasting.

Living food is the answer. Before the inventions of modern day medicine, nature was the medicating cure. Hippocrates once stated, “let food by thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food.” Cleaning the slate of buillt-up inflammation allows the body to begin healing.

Remember that old saying, “you are what you eat”? The key to successful intermediate fasting is selecting foods that contain alkalinity, hydration, superior protein, vitamins and enzymes. These components are abundant in organic, raw living food.

Cleansing your body and allowing your digestive system to rest results in endless benefits including more energy and stamina, clearer skin, clarity of mind, restful sleep, weight loss and regularity. Crowding in whole, raw, organic foods will give you an abundance of health and vitality! Not to mention a wholesome, plant-based diet improves athletic performance and recovery time. Patrick Baboumain, Germany’s strongest man, claims his success to a plant-based vegan diet.

How do you even begin this journey in a society that isn’t set up for this type of support? Making the decision to cleanse and reboot your body is the first step. Yet preparing for a cleanse, detox or eating pattern change during your busy life can seem almost impossible.

At The Hunter’s Wife Health Bar, our personal cleansing programs make juice cleansing convenient for even the busiest of lifestyles. We possess the tools, knowledge and purest superfoods to ensure you get the maximum amount of nutrition to achieve a clean slate. We like to think of it as “veg feasting” not “fasting”!

To get started simply fill out our Custom Cleanse Sign-up Forms on our website and hand it in to our Wenatchee Hunter’s Wife location:

Everyone’s menu is personally customized to ensure success for your body. Whether that’s for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or even a month! (Confirmation and consultation is required even after payment. This is important to insure we’re creating an experience that will support your body.)

Invest in wellness rather than sickness. Health is more than just absence of disease it is the presence of vitality. Harmonious inward and outward.

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