Actualize Sports & Fitness is honored to welcome Brooke Shelton to our coaching staff!

We could not be more excited about the passion, gifts and positivity Brooke will bring to our competitive athletes and adult fitness enthusiasts!
Brooke shares in her own words:
“I am a mom, a wife, a fitness enthusiast, and a CF Level 1 coach. I am always pushing myself to achieve greatness in all aspects of life.
I am originally from Montesano, WA a small little town with one stop light, lighting up all of down town, and where everyone knows everyone. So, growing up everyone referred to me as one of the “Rydman twins”–yes I am a twin and I am the older one (by a minute).
Being a Rydman twin, we were well known for our athletic ability and talents. At a small 1A school I was a three-sport athlete playing volleyball, basketball, and softball, and even in off seasons you could find me with travel teams gaining more exposure in hopes of playing college athletics.
Which leads me to why I am now rooted in Wenatchee in my mid 20’s with a beautiful family. After graduating high school I came to Wenatchee in 2010 on an athletic scholarship to play fast pitch softball for the Wenatchee Valley Knights. GO KNIGHTS! During those 2 years as a student athlete I gained some of the most rewarding experiences of my life and gained many new friendships that helped shape the woman I am today. My college experience could have easily been tarnished if it weren’t for Coach Shelly Pflugrath. This woman saw something in me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She taught me to stay humble and kind, not only on the field but in life!
After my years at WVC, I truly did struggle to find my purpose and path in life. I began thinking, “What now, now that athletics are ove,  what am I supposed to do?” Athletics was all I knew.
Shortly after I found a love and passion for running and strength & conditioning training! I have trained for several types of runs (long and short distance) and have always exceeded my expectations on race day. I also found a love for CrossFit and lifting weights which led me to receive my certification as a CF Level 1 Coach. I love putting myself in situations that I know I will thrive and the fitness world gives me just that.
I am now a mom of two and definitely a different kind of fit than before. However, that has only pushed me to always be the best version of myself, and if at not for myself than at least for my family and everyone else that I hope to motivate and inspire on their fitness journey. I want everyone to strive to be the best version of themselves.
A motto to live by from my former softball coach, “Work hard. Be great! “ – Coach Shelly Pflugrath
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