Athletics, gyms and recreational facilities may be shutdown but your goals remain the same!

For a limited time, until January 15th 2021, receive 50% off a bundle of the 1.0 & 2.0 “No Gym, No Equipment, No Problem! Bodyweight Training For Athletes…And Those Who Want to Move & Perform Like One” program–AND GET 8 WEEKS FOR THE PRICE OF 4 WEEKS!

The experienced and motivational staff at Actualize will arm you with 8 weeks of:

  • (3) Online Video Training Sessions Per Week. You will conduct functional bodyweight resistance and SARQ+Power (speed, agility, reaction, quickness+power) training to add athletic muscle and strength, and transform performance and conditioning–all with the emphasis of reducing the likelihood of injury.
  • Additional Training & Energy System Homework
  • Nutrition Tools
  • Goal Setting & Motivational Resources
  • Support from¬†Actualize Team
  • And much more!
  • Any competitive athlete or those who wants to perform and move like one. Don’t be fooled by the word “bodyweight” in the title. This program will meet athletes of every level right where they are at and educate, equip and empower your next level!
What’s the Cost & How Does This Work?
  • Cost: $159.99 (regularly $319.98)
  • Click here to enroll now!
  • Immediately upon enrollment you receive a sales receipt email. It may take up to 24hrs to receive your product email with a link to access the 1.0 & 2.0 No Gym, No Equipment, No Problem! 4-Week Bodyweight Training For Athletes! Hub–where your program and all resources are located.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have 16 weeks of access to the training videos of this 8-week program.
What Do I Need?
  • No gym, no equipment, no problem! All you need is large bath towel and a screen to follow along with the training, nutrition and goal setting videos and tools.
Coach Cy & Blaine Expound On the Training Programming In The Video Below!

Let’s not shrink back from our goals due to this lockdown but rather turn this into an opportunity to continue intentionally and wisely pursuing the actualization of our purposes and potential in health, fitness, athletics and life!


Here’s to the continued actualization of your purposes and potential in health, fitness, athletics, nutrition and life even when athletics and gyms are not open!

The Actualize Team

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