Bob Dylan shared in his song, Brownsville Girl…

“People don’t do what they say they believe, they do what’s convenient and then they repent.”

I hear this song run through my mind each time I encounter people who are frustrated because they are not actualizing their purposes and potential in their fitness, nutrition and health journey…because they are not doing the things that will help them succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sharing from a spirit of fear, shame or condemnation. We offer unlimited grace at Actualize when holding our clients relationally accountable. Like anything in life, the fruits we encourage people to pursue require a journey and process, and often times it’s difficult to get and practice new mindsets right away. That’s OK. But at some point the rubber does meet the road.

Another quote that speaks powerfully to this is, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different.” It’s a debate whether Einstein or Benjamin Franklin penned this quote, but one thing is for sure, the fruit of our journey tells a great deal…mind, soul, body and spirit.

I think there is a way to balance the tension between allowing people their own process through grace, and providing relational accountability that call people out of ruts, blindspots and convenience, and into who they desire to be. It’s here when we either operate from convenience and repent out of fear, shame and condemnation. Or do a different kind of repentance…

Let’s be clear about what repentance is. The greek word for repent is metanoéō, which means: to be changed after being with; to think properly; to think differently; to have a change of mind; to turn toward the truth.

We want to help you get new thoughts, so you can practice new actions that will manifest your purpose and potential. Invite an Actualize coach into your journey and process. Share the convenient thoughts and actions that tempt you to sabotage the path to where you want to go. Sometimes we need to disentangle and prune from the things in our way before we can move forward.


Don’t Want It? Get Rid of It!

Coach Blaine

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