Client Testimonials

“Not only are the world’s best Triathletes put together well genetically, they are also “engineered” by  wide range of service provision experts to enhance their genetic gifts. Physical Therapy has been and remains at the forefront of this “engineering” process whereby through a thorough process of screenings including current physical and historical referencing and measuring, a PT can identify all areas of where interventions can occur. Using business terminology, personally and at USAT we conduct what is called a SWOT analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The entire purpose of the PT screening is based around clearly identify each of these areas and then in conjunction with the primary coach and a host of service providers creating an integrated program whereby physiological training is coupled with a wide range of mechanical aspects and physical wellbeing. Be it a top professional athlete or the part time athlete, the identification of mechanical or functional limiters is not only a key first step but also a continual point of reference when in search of optimal performance and longevity in sport. One of the key measures I use outside of performance markers and outcomes is “days lost to injury”. As we have further integrated our support at Endurance Rehab as well as with key United States Olympic Committee providers our performances have improved and the days lost to injury reduced. You can put these in any order but the correlation is clear. No different to training the body for continual improvement, initial and subsequent screening by a quality PT is a great investment at any level in achieving performance gains.”Jonathan Hall, Head Coach Triathlon  Canada, Former High Perfromance Advisor USA

“In the never ending search for more power, aerodynamics and sustainability with my riding position, I’ve found PT evaluations to be an important part of the successful solution.  No position is effective unless its sustainable over the entire ride, especially if that ride is 112 miles in an Ironman!  While working on optimizing my position, generating power and staying aerodynamic I noticed my body wasn’t wanting to stay where it should be.  Through my PT evaluations with Nate we discovered that in my case this was due to some slight bone impingements in my hips.  Knowing that my situation was due to a biomechanical limitation and not muscular range of motion we could address the problem accordingly.  We’ve adjusted my position allowing me to maintain an aerodynamic position without closing off my hips to the point where they are inhibited.  Not only has this allowed me to better maintain my position over longer rides it has kept my hips moving free from impingement.  Amazingly, this has done wonders for keeping the little “niggles” from popping up in my hips and knees as well.” Tim O’Donnell, Professional Triathlete

“For the last seven years Endurance Rehabilitation has been providing me with a thorough physical assessment of each of the cyclists and triathletes I coach as we started their training program. They have also treated my athletes’ injuries. Because of their assistance I am a better coach and my athletes’ performances are greatly improved.”
Joe Friel, Head Coach – TrainingBible Coaching

“Endurance rehab is the best physical therapy experience I have had during my athletic career. Nate and his staff are very knowledgable and have a lot of experience. They have created a great atmosphere to recover from an injury and improve overall health and fitness.”
David Bell, Professional Baseball Player