There is a ton of crap on the Internet, in documentaries, and from fad-diet & supplement companies.

It’s kind of like our political system in many ways. Some parties believe and fight for very important issues while turning a blind eye to other very meaningful things. And often as a result very important/meaningful things get quenched. And some are just cray cray!

Whether nutrition or politics, I often find myself saying, “Is there somebody out there who has a balanced approach at thoughtfully considering the collective of our knowledge and needs, without an agenda that quenches or doesn’t give weight/value to our knowledge or needs (and the knowledge or needs of others)?” Then I quickly respond to myself, “That will be one day in heaven.”

I then giggle that I’ve just had this inner dialogue for the 10,000th time and remind myself that while solving world peace or perfect nutrition is way over my pay-grade, that there is a way to manage the dialectal tension between the yin and yang polars of politics and nutrition (and everything in between).

I know, I know, I’m being a bit over-dramatic comparing politics and nutrition. But the struggle to manage the tension between the truth and all the crap is real, especially for those who don’t take the time to invest in doing the learning in a thoughtful way that not only considers our own preferences but also the preferences, insights and individuality of others.

So why this soapbox moment? Every year, after the new year, I have several conversations about the latest fad diets, supplements and documentaries. These conversations are typically with people looking for a quick fix and/or have not done much research. (BTW there is no quick fix, good old fashioned and consistent hard work in the gym (or physical activity) and better choices more often in the nutrition department is the time-tested equation that provides LASTING transformation) But quick-fixer is authentically seeking and desiring real transformation, they just don’t know how to wade through the crap, and often the promise of fast results at the expense of uniformed information and their pocketbook rarely yields success. And while I’m tempted to share my own personal beliefs (which can sometimes be a disrupting, controversial or confrontational position), I try to apply the approach shared above by managing the tension between the polar points.

For example, last year it all about Keto and intermittent fasting.

In 2020, the debate is whether it’s better to be plant-based or a meat eater as a result of the documentary “The Game Changers.” So re this topic, I’d like to share an article that in my opinion bridges the gap between two polarizing nutrition theologies on a high level (this is a big topic):

The modern diet dilemma: Is it better to… eat meat? Go vegan? Something in between? The truth about what’s right for you.

By Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS…

After reading the article, I challenge you to consider whether you typically want to select a side or camp while quenching another stance, and what it might look like to attempt managing the dialectal tension between two poles in a thoughtful way that considers you personal preference/knowledge and the preferences/knowledge of others. I assert when we do this, we just might be more open to evolve in our learning and step into a new place where our consideration of the collective whole in a more meaningful way just might contributes vs. quench the discussion, and potentially our own nutrition journey and results.

At Actualize we do not prescribe to the latest fad diet, documentary or magic pills! We align with (and are certified by) the Precision Nutrition principles shared by the author of the article above.

We strive to meet each client where they are at and consider the individuality of their nutrition…

* Goals
* Lifestyle
* Age/Height
* Energy expenditure inside and outside Actualize
* Body type
* Dietary restrictions
* Medications
* Beliefs/values
* Experiences
* Sacred cows

After we meet 1-on-1 with our clients and begin to understand their individuality, we are then able to go on a intentional and thoughtful journey to help people discover what a lifestyle-oriented, sustainable yet transformative approach to nutrition looks like.

Coach Blaine

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